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- relative fitness: The fitness of a genotype relative to (as a proportion of) the fitness of a reference genotype, which is often set at

Biological altruism is defined in terms of fitness consequences, not motivating intentions. If by ‘real’ altruism we mean altruism done with the conscious intention to help, then

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Clocks in humans in a lab in constant low light, for example, will average about 24.2 hours per day

English sentences with inbiologicalsense in context. 1exact26similar. 1. It gives us information in

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But fitness is comprised of much more than simply endurance (though that’s most important for runners!) and

...University studied the biologicalfitness of such mice with deviant circadian rhythms in a large outdoor enclosure for

10: How many times more likely do people who explicitly make resolutions attain their goals vs people who don't explicitly make resolutions. It's clearly a challenge to maintain a new behavior over time, and for weight loss and fitness, it's even harder in places with very cold weather and short days.

The mean value of fitness is the same in each age class, and it also equals the population’s Malthusian parameter. The statement and derivation are regarded as settled here, and so the general biological significance of the fundamental theorem can be debated. The main purpose of the theorem is to find a...

Biologicalfitness is the ability of the individual to contribute to the gene pool of the next generation.

The cardiovascular fitness hypothesis proposes that cardiovascular (i.e., “aerobic”) fitness is the physiological mediator that explains the relationship between physical exercise and improved cognitive performance. Cardiovascular fitness refers to the physical work capacity of an individual...

In contrast to absolute fitness, there is the additional concept of relative fitness of genotypes in a population, and that is meaningful regarding genotypes of the same species in a population. That was described also in the book. But getting back to the notion of absolute fitness, it would seem then we...

Fitness definition is - the quality or state of being fit. How to use fitnessin a sentence.

When Destructive Behavior Makes BiologicalSense. For people raised in chaos, risk-taking is hardwired. Matthew Hutson By Matthew Hutson

Fitness (biology) from Wikipedia: Fitnessin population genetics models is a central idea in evolutionary theories. It can be defined either

In truth, we have many more ways of sensing the world than just touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. For example, we have a sense of body position, called proprioception; a sense of pain, called nociception; a sense of balance; a sense of body temperature; a sense of acceleration; and a sense...

In fact, we can safely say that cellular aging is aging, as cells make up every organ in our body. However, the rate at which our cells die varies

We define weak monotonicity of fitness landscapes and prove that this property holds in all landscapes

In this study, we have reported for the first time that the in situ acquisition of antibiotic resistance may reduce biologicalfitness, including losses in the production of quorum sensing signals, motility and substrate utilization, and each antibiotic is associated with different degrees of phenotypic and genetic...

Fitness function is, as you said, something used in Genetic Algorithm. It is used in each iteration of the algorithm to evaluate the quality of all the proposed

Materials derived from biology, for example, biological molecules as the active element in sensors, and materials inspired by biology—for example, layered

Definition. Energy and biological energy needs. Classes of thermodynamic systems.

Ten Health and Fitness Technology Innovations. Posted by Al Noshirvani in Gym Management Software.

Increase your stamina, fitness and strength You may feel tired when you first start regular aerobic exercise. But over the long term, you'll enjoy

Born in Germany in 1904, Mayr came to the U.S. to work in a curatorial position at the American Museum of Natural History.

Given that “fitness” is the tendency to survive and reproduce then, obviously, it is the fittest who tend to survive and reproduce.

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