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AftertheGermanssanktheLusitania, PresidentWilson. threatened a break in diplomatic relations with Germany.

TheGermans had declared the waters around Britain a war zone,and attempted to sink any ships entering them.TheLusitania was one of these ships,and was sunk by a U-boat in the area. There is no way the commander of the U-boat could have known what theLusitania was or was not carrying as...

A German U-boat torpedoed the British-owned steamship Lusitania, killing 1,128 people including 128

TheLusitania was launched by the Cunard Line in 1906 and was one of the largest ocean liners of its time. It undertook its first voyage in 1907 and went on to

TheGermanssanktheLusitania in an event that caused great public outcry in the US. This act helped galvanize public opinion and get America to declare

Most Americans, thinking theLusitania was sunk by a torpedo, were understandably angry at theGermans. But some Americans had serious doubts.

TheGermans had a fleet of Uboats that were sinkingthe supply ships for the Allies. There was an agreement called Cruiser Rules which allowed for

TheLusitaniasank, killing 1,195 people on board, including 123 Americans. The incident created sharp reactions among Americans, many of whom

TheLusitania’s sinking marked a departure in modern warfare. There had been mass attacks on civilians before. The newspapers had been full

Lusitania Sinking Truth and Myths. Lies being taught; Germanssunk British liner Lusitania that killed 128

Germany, U-Boats and theLusitania. In 1909, an international law was agreed upon that

The sinking enraged American public opinion. The political fallout was immediate. PresidentWilson protested strongly to theGermans. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, a pacifist, resigned. In September, theGermans announced that passenger ships would be sunk only with prior warning...

1915 A German Submarine sinksthe ocean liner Lusitania, killing U.S. citizens. 1917 Germanysinks more U.S. ships.

Lusitania takes the Blue Riband from the Norddeutscher Lloyd Liner Kaiser Wilhelm II, ending Germany’s 10-year streak of having

Shortly afterthesinking, President Woodrow Wilson sent a letter to theGerman government condemning the attack, suggesting that

The day aftertheLusitania’s sank, the New York Herald ran a headline exclaiming, “WHAT A PITY

The ocean off the pleasant southern coast of Ireland was dotted with bodies for days afterthesinking of the liner. The remains of many, of the victims, however, never were recovered. When theLusitania prepared to sail from New York on her last trip, fifty anonymous telegrams addressed to prominent...

It was theLusitania on her way from New York to Liverpool, England. She carried a large load of cargo and nearly two thousand passengers.

For a short time, theLusitania was the fastest ship in the world, with such amenities as electric lights and the wireless telegraph. On 1 May 1915, with

TheLusitania and her sister ship Mauretania were built for comfort and speed. They sported elevators and electric lighting, and were both spacious and comfortable.

The discovery may help explain why the 787ft Lusitaniasank within 18 minutes of a single German torpedo slamming into its hull. Some of the 764 survivors reported a second explosion which might have been munitions going off. Gregg Bemis, an American businessman who owns the rights to the...

"Afterthe war, Churchill ... admitted that theLusitania carried a 'small consignment of rifle ammunition and shrapnel shells weighing 173 tons.' New York Customs Collector Dudley Malone told PresidentWilson that 'practically all her cargo was contraband of various kinds.'" Future Secretary of State...

Lusitania: Lusitania, British ocean liner, the sinking of which by a German U-boat on May 7, 1915, contributed indirectly to the entry of the United

TheLusitania, writes Windchy, was "refitted as a cargo ship with hidden compartments to hold shells and other munitions. By all accounts there

The distress signals sent from theLusitania reached Queenstown, a city in Ireland about 17 kilometres away. Vice Admiral Sir Charles Coke gathered up

The sinking of theLusitania had a profound impact on public opinion in the United States. TheGerman government apologized for the incident, but

Afterthe war, Churchill … admitted that theLusitania carried a ‘small consignment of rifle ammunition and shrapnel shells weighing 173 tons.’ New York Customs Collector Dudley Malone told PresidentWilson that ‘practically all her cargo was contraband of various kinds.'” Future Secretary of State...

After stringent protest from the U.S., Germany apologized and promised to limit the scope of its U-boat attacks. However, this did not pan out, as theGermans then sank an Italian ship and four additional U.S. merchant ships. This led PresidentWilson to request a declaration of war against Germany...

This source demonstrated the schism in political belief afterthesinking of theLusitania; Theodore Roosevelt, unlike Woodrow Wilson, was advocating harsher, more direct actions, as proved by this source.

Afterthe war, Churchill … admitted that theLusitania carried a ‘small consignment of rifle ammunition and shrapnel shells weighing 173 tons.’ New York Customs Collector Dudley Malone told PresidentWilson that ‘practically all her cargo was contraband of various kinds.’” Future Secretary of State...

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The Democratic Party nominated him for the presidency in 1912. After 46 ballots he defeated the

The marriage of the president came less than a year and a half afterthe death of his adored first wife, Ellen, and less than a year after German torpedoes sanktheLusitania . With war raging in Europe and political battles raging in Washington, it was a difficult time to be moving in to the White House.

TheLusitaniaTheLusitania was a British steamship. On May 7, 1915 during World War I it was torpedoed and sunk without warning by a German U-boat. The ship sunk 20 minutes after it was attacked. In all, 1,198 people died. 128 of them were Americans. The reason theGermans gave for...

TheLusitania was the largest and fastest ocean liner in the world when this drawing was made in 1907. It was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in 1915, killing 1,198 passengers and setting the United States on the road to war. TheLusitania's engines were tested in June 1907 and it was...

The Imperial German Embassy posted advertisements in U.S. newspapers warning passengers who traveled on the ships of Great Britain and her allies that they did so at their own risk. Before the ship disembarked from New York, telegrams were sent to theLusitania for select passengers, including...

Public outrage in the US against theGermans swept the nation following the sinking of the British ocean liner, Lusitania.

8. The sinking of theLusitania enraged people in both United States and the United Kingdom. While the British used the sinking to bolster recruitment efforts and for propaganda purposes, PresidentWilson made numerous demands of theGerman government. What was NOT one of them?

By the time theLusitania set off on her last voyage on May 1st 1915, the First World War was 9 months old. German ‘unterseeboots’ (submarines) were trying to sink British ships, including merchant and passenger vessels, as part of the policy of "unrestricted warfare".

TheLusitania was not only the biggest but also the fastest ship on the waters, with a cruising speed of 25 knots. In September 1907, she took the Blue Riband for making the fastest cross-Atlantic journey after speeding to Sandy Hook in New Jersey in just four days, 19 hours and 53 minutes.

LusitaniaSank Awfully FastOn This Date in History: On June 28, 1914 Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo Princip.