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BattleoftheAlamo - TheAlamo is a fort in San Antonio, Texas, and was the place a battle was fought between February 23 and March 6, 1836.

TheAlamo is the ruin of an old Spanish mission. Spanish missions were churches and the homes of Catholic priests. It was the hope of these priests

Causes and Battle Summaryfor the BattleoftheAlamo. The loss of Goliad and San Antonio angered Santa Anna. On March 5th, 1836 Santa Anna ordered his troops to attack the next morning at the break of dawn. The actual Battle only lasted 90 minutes.

TheAlamo was an 18th century Franciscan Mission in San Antonio, Texas, which was the location of an important battle for Texans fighting for independence from Mexico. In 1836, a small group of Texans was defeated by Mexican General Santa Anna.

For the Texans, the BattleoftheAlamo became a symbol of heroic resistance and a rallying cry in their struggle for independence.

The BattleoftheAlamo: TheAlamo was the scene of a pivotal battle in the fight for the independence of Texas from Mexico.

One ofthe most famous battles took place at the chapel of a mission in San Antonio called theAlamo. More than 180 Texas fighters died while fighting against soldiers from Mexico. When Texans later won their independence from Mexico, their battle cry was, “Remember theAlamo!”

“Remember theAlamo!” the battle cry goes. But why, exactly, should we remember theAlamo? The cry was born as a proclamation of strength, but what makes a

Made by The BattleoftheAlamo. 1835. Genre: Informational (History)Format: Graphic Novel. February 24.

The BattleoftheAlamo was a nineteenth century battle between the Republic of Mexico and the rebel Texan forces during the latter's fight for independence - the Texas Revolution.

The film marks the first time in the century-long history oftheAlamo in which cameras were allowed to shoot within the walls ofthe Texas shrine. The film received critical acclaim for its innovation in dramatically depicting events from the pre-photographic era.

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BattleoftheAlamo was fought in 1836 during the Texas Revolution. Here are 10 facts on its causes, events, significance, outcome and casualties.

Experience the real story oftheAlamo told like never before. Experience the daily lives of early Texas settlers, the tensions leading up to the Texas Revolution, and the climactic battle in which theAlamo defenders sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom.