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Metaldetectingfinds that include artifacts, whether coins, jewelry, or other historically important objects, should NOT be cleaned.

I am about to get my 1st detector and I know you do not want to ruin old coins by cleaning them too much or they lose their value. What is the proper waytoclean an old coin and still preserve the patina without causing any damage?

Cleaning Your MetalDetectingFinds. How toclean up the coins you find with your metaldetector to make them more appealing.

Coin cleaning is a significant part of coin collecting because this keeps your coins in pristine condition. It also prolongs the life span of your coins and

So you are off metaldetecting and while you may not have struck gold (nuggets, even) you at least have a nice clinking box of coins to show for your efforts.

Just like metaldetecting, cleaningcoins is a very complicated subject if you really want to be an expert, and although that's not a

Never use metal polish or acid dip toclean your coins! Using these chemicals will cause abrasions or chemical reactions with the metal which will permanently

Where To Use MetalDetectors? The UK has proven to be a mass treasure trove of hidden artifacts

Best Answer: In grade school we always cleanedcoins with lemon juice - but it may be to acidic for old coins. Maybe you should find a coin collector store and

When you find some coins by your metaldetector, you may have the problem that how toclean the coins you found. First, you should check the date and mint mark on the coins and be certain the the coins are just common coins not the key collector

On some metaldetecting forums I've been horrified to read their suggested cleaning methods as they revolve around the use of vinegar and abrasive

As a serious metaldetector, you have a large quantity of coins to process. This task is almost impossible to achieve by cleaning your coins

I found these in 4 rolls of pennies I got from the bank last year, and that was an exciting few days for me when I did.

Findingcoins while metaldetecting can be rewarding, especially when you find older coins. Find out how toclean old coins you find!

Metaldetecting farm fields can produce interesting finds when the fields were former sites of non-farm activity.

MetalDetecting Tips: Learn How to Properly Swing Your MetalDetector. The way you swing your

Where To Find Old Coins - Tips for You Many metaldetecting enthusiasts love old coins. They collect various kinds of old coins as their hobby.

Waystoclean silver coins. Complete the same process as outlined above and soak for 5

You need to be very careful with your cleaning if you use a metaldetector to findcoins, especially any copper, or metal other than silver. Most times badly damaged copper coins that have been in the ground for many years will not clean. I will try and give you the best information and the techniques...