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Metaldetectingfinds that include artifacts, whether coins, jewelry, or other historically important objects, should NOT be cleaned.

Metal detectorists all need toclean their treasures, but what are the bestways? Here we have a look at the various household liquids that can be used, as well as different

I am about to get my 1st detector and I know you do not want to ruin old coins by cleaning them too much or they lose their value. What is the proper waytoclean an old coin and still preserve the patina without causing any damage?

Cleaning Your MetalDetectingFinds. How toclean up the coins you find with your metaldetector to

" The bestway that I know tocleancoins is using olive oil. Simply soak the coins in the oil for about 4 days (in some instances

When you find some coins by your metaldetector , you may have the problem that how toclean the coins you found. First, you should check the date and mint mark on the coins and be certain the the coins are just common coins not the key collector

So you are off metaldetecting and while you may not have struck gold (nuggets, even) you at least have a nice clinking box of coins to show for your efforts. These coins are certainly not going to be found all shiny and flawless like newly minted doubloons. You will need to put in a bit more effort to...

Most often coincleaning these coins can cause scratches, or oxidation. If you are a treasure hunter, and you use a metaldetector to locate coins, then the

Findingcoins while metaldetecting can be rewarding, especially when you find older coins. Find out how toclean old coins you find!

Brandon provides some tips on how tocleanmetaldetectingfinds: "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

Metaldetectingfinds are always grimy. Here is a great, fast waytoclean your finds with comparisons of results over time using various

As a serious metaldetector, you have a large quantity of coins to process. This task is almost impossible to achieve by cleaning your coins

Metaldetecting. How tocleans coinsThis eBook has been written so that bo...

MetalDetecting Tips: Learn How to Properly Swing Your MetalDetector. The way you swing your

It’s waybetter compared to using boiling water or strong chemicals. The only concern that arises from using alcohol is that it may loosen the adhesives binding

Metaldetecting isn’t just about striking it rich, many people join metaldetecting clubs and have plenty of fun

Coins that have been found through metaldetection are particularly dirty because they've been exposed to dirt and the elements for long periods of time.

someone I am close to recently introduced me to a new way of cleaningcoins that I quite like.

Toclean or not toclean your metal deting finds. The decision whether toclean a coin really depends on its age, rarity and its metal-alloy composition.

Join a metaldetecting club. You’ll learn things it would take you years to figure out on your own.

cleaning of detectedmetals is so crucial? It is always suggested that metals, specifically coinsfound during the

Want the easiest waytofind old coins? Here are 5 proven waysto increase your odds of finding old valuable coins without buying them from a coin

Where To Coin Shoot. Prior to metaldetecting a particular property it's always prudent to consult local governing authorities and obtain their guidance

Unbelievable BestMetalDetecting FindsMetal detectors might be deemed useless by many, but they have worked in several instances.

Here's a Few Silver Coins that I've found while metaldetecting the last few years. 2014 was my best year for silver coins so far and hopefully 2015 will be an even better year than last year!

Coin Shooting or Coin Detecting means using a metaldetector in search for coins only. Ignoring anything but coins while metaldetecting and recovering targets would be ideal for coin shooting, but only a few metaldetectors can get close to that in their performance today.

Locating Coins with a MetalDetector. What to look for when selecting a coin detector.

Being a multipurpose metaldetector, the Whites Coinmaster is something that you will find very useful for a lot of things – from rings to jewelry to coins and many

Interested in metaldetection and in bestmetaldetector for beginners? Here you will findmetaldetectors reviews and learn how to start metaldetecting.

Friday, July 17, 2009. Coins from the 1800's foundMetalDetecting. This video displays coins

I have found the Coiltek 10 x 5 coil to be the best combination for this as it really cuts like a razor through the