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Best Answer: No way besides luck there is about a 1 in 8192 chance of finding a shiny so do not fell bad i have benn playing pokemon games for a

Read description. Minecraft - fun with dispensers - chest trap" type that in click the first vid click the like button bc he told he was gunna make a tuturia...

They obtained the name "shinypokemon" back in the Pokemon Gold & Silver days when they were first introduced. Every time one of these Pokemon

ShinyPokemon variants were first introduced into Pokemon lore by Game Freak with the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver on the Game Boy Colour in 2001. Although shinies are neither stronger nor better in any way than regular Pokemon, they are extremely rare tofind, and prized possessions for...

The Pokemon Sun and Moon fan community is voracious, and after endless hours of experimentation, they’ve discovered a wayto essentially “predict the future” and see which Pokemon eggs will be shiny when breeding

Back in 2000, Pokemon Gold and PokemonSilver launched for the Game Boy Color in the United States. Along with adding 100 new Pokemon species to the Pokedex, Gold and Silver also introduced rare ShinyPokemon to the series for the first time.

In the latest Pokemon games from Nintendo, we find that there are both new and familiar waysto catch shinyPokemon.