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A scuba diver in Brazil comes face to face with a 7-metre-long giant anaconda while exploring a river.

In fact, all 27 of the world's volcanoes that have an elevation greater than 6,000 m are inSouthAmerica.

The population of SouthAmerica is approximately 398 million people, making it the fifth largest in the world.

There are many more than three bodiesofwater in the world that do not border on SouthAmerica.

Thousands of forms ofwater contribute to the beauty of the United States. These range from the major oceans to bays, sounds, inlets, rivers, streams, straits

But the Mediterranean is hardly the only important bodyofwater in Europe; there are still nine other named water features in this geography game that have held tremendous historic importance.

to the right of southamerica. Carribean Sea. above columbia. Drake Passage. bottom right of SouthAmerica. Orinoco River.

North America Geography quiz geography quiz - just click on the map to answer the questions

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The rivers and the bodiesofwater around the Bonito area are the only places inSouthAmerica where Anacondas can be found in crystal clear waters. Photogenic: The reptile flashes its ivory-white stomach and lures the filmer in with its intense engagement with the camera.

Different BodiesofWater and their Characteristics. Let us travel the earth and learn about these various water bodies found only on our beautiful

The remains of a man who went missing two decades ago in Florida have been found in a submerged car visible on Google Maps. William Moldt, was reported missing from Lantana, Florida, on 7 November 1997. He failed to return home from a night out at a club when he was 40 years old.

[–] The_body_in_apt_3 1 point2 points3 points 1 hour ago (1 child). So if you're straddling the equator, you could technically be in winter and summer at the same time, I guess.

In any case, the meteorite impacts on the Laurentide ice sheet can only explain a small part of the 17 meter rise observed during the Younger Dryas. Reconstruction of the glacial melt history finds major northward melt-water discharge 13,100-12,500 years ago, at the beginning of the Younger Dryas.

All of Algeria suffers from water pollution issues, but where does water pollution happen in Algiers specifically? Much of this city has seen a great improvement in water quality conditions in recent years, but it still needs work. The areas surrounding the Oued Smar landfill are the worst affected.

Many of the great bodiesofwater of North America lie in its higher latitudes, courtesy of the extensive glaciation cycles of the Pleistocene.

In it, they reveal that Europe's crash with Greater Adria may have triggered the formation of mountains throughout Italy, Turkey, Greece and southeastern Europe. "The Mediterranean region is quite simply a geological mess," said lead author Professor Douwe van Hinsbergen, from Utrecht University in the...

Each of the three species inhabits a slightly different location. In E.voltai's case, it tends to live at higher elevations, in water with