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I would ask when you are checking in whether they can possible give you a seat withan empty seat next to it. Airlines are normally good about things like that ikf there is space.

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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Cheng on can i flywithabrokenarm: If you are stranded in a remote area , otherwise you need immediate treatment as if untreated may lead to serious complications.

Have you ever had to travel on an plane withabroken bone? We go over the common dos and don'ts when travelling withan injury.

Passengers withabrokenarm or leg won’t be allowed to sit in the roomy emergency exit-row seats – these are reserved for able-bodied travellers who could theoretically help others in the event of an emergency evacuation. Click below to find out more about seats you can book.

When planning air travel withabrokenarm, confirm with both a doctor and the airline that it's safe, and ask about any additional

couldyoufly before you broke it? but you can be a passenger in an airplane but probally wouldn't be able to pilot a plane because of the limited mobility.

That you're flyingwith Virgin is almost secondary to the key matters here: your wife's fractured arm, the state of the break, how much healing will have taken place in the next 10 days and whether the orthopod will deem her fit to fly. Depending on the location of the break, whether hardware has been...

When you break your arm, you fracture the bone. There are many different types of fractures. The main types of fracture are open, closed, displaced, and

Passengers & SLF (Self Loading Freight) - Canyouflywithabroken wrist? - Son #2 has injured his wrist and it is possibly broken. We will know.

kid with brokenarm: "Doctor, will I be able to play the violin after my arm heals?" doctor: "Yes, I believe so, why?

Someone I know managed to break their arm on Monday, and is off on holiday next week. Other than concerns about having one arm pasty-white while the other tans, and how to enjoy a beach holiday with one arm in plaster, there's also the question of proving they're OK to fly.

Don't be fooled, breaking your arm does not mean you get a nice break from work. Welcome to six weeks of torture. Posted on January 14, 2014, 17:45

So you're stuck witha cast on your arm for the next month or two and you're already feeling trapped inside your home.

Lily’s arm broke so close to the arm socket that they opted out of putting it in any sort of cast at all – they would have had to immobilize the entire shoulder, and that creates all sorts of

Unless you are hiding guns in it! lol just kidding! They will use a sensor to check it better, but you WILL be able to get on a plane witha cast! I have broken my arm about five times and my leg twice, so I know from experience that you shouldn't have any trouble as long as you don't put anything in it!

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Teenage mutant ninja turtles, cartoon Context: Karai is in the hospital withabrokenarm. Ralph has come to visit her. Ralph: Karai, are you awake?

We answer the common question "Canyouflywitha blood clot?" by giving you: symptoms to look for, how to minimise your risk, and what the causes a clot!

Abrokenarm is a common injury; about one in 20 broken bones involves the upper arm bone, according to the

Canyoufly an airplane with two different types of wing tips? Is it possible to stay on an airplane wing while flying really slow?