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Your child can use a forward-facing child carseat when they’re over 15 months old.

When placing children in the front seat of acaryou must also consider the airbag, and if the car has one it MUST be switched off. Children have been killed by car airbags, even when the collision was only a minor one and one which wouldn't have normally resulted in death. Even at the age of 7 and at...

This can happen if you do not properly restrain your child, for example, if you let the child lie down or sleep on the vehicle seat instead of being properly restrained. Older children who are no longer inacarseat can become entangled by pulling a seat belt all the way out of the retractor or by playing...

Note: As front seats do not have child carseat anchorage points supplied, child carseats and booster seats

If this is the case in your car, you can use the seat belt to install the carseat in the center position even if it is a lap-only seat belt.

I mean, it's not like one of those theoretical risks, it's illegal to drive around without the baby inacarseat, and illegal for anyone

Are children required to be inacarseat when riding ina recreational vehicle?

Research has found that children in portable carseats have been injured in falls from elevated surfaces

As technology in both cars and carseats advances, older seats may not meet current standards, be well suited for current cars or protect

Is childcarseat safety in Florida determined by height, weight or age -- or a combination?

If you sit in the front seat, inan accident the child will go through the wind screen. You should also make sure you sit behind one of the seats not

Want the safest carseat for your child? Consumer Reports covers everything you need to know to pick the right one for your child as they grow.

In order to keep babies and infants safe on car journeys, it’s not only essential to have a properly-fitted carseat for them - it’s the law.

I agree with youina way but, as we don't drive or have acar of our own, we don't have acarseat

Solved: Can I check inacarseat without achild traveling with me? Will I be charged an extra baggage fee if I have checked in my two free bags?

Carseats are essential for child safety on the road, but getting toddlers or preschoolers to comply with buckling up can be difficult, especially if they are tired, uncomfortable, or jealous that older siblings get to sit in the

Every childcarseat and booster seat sold in Canada has an expiry or useful life date on it and should not be used past that date. Childcarseats for infants. Newborn babies and infants need special protection while ina vehicle. Ina collision, a properly installed rear-facing childcarseat can save...

Did you know that the ONLY nationally recognised qualification in childcarseat fitting is run by us?

Not all cars have attachments for the middle seat, but Dr. Durbin recommends using the system even if it means placing your carseatina side position.

Can my child ride ina high-back booster at age 3 if she is taller than the straps of her current five-point harness seat? While it is not recommended to put

Here’s what you need to know about children riding in the car, as well as carseat safety tips by age.

When choosing achildcarseat, consider where you wish your child to sit in the car, and check that the child seat can be properly fitted in that position.

Taking children on a plane requires careful planning and preparation. This page provides specific

However, you can reuse or pass along the seat if it's still in good condition and doesn't fall into any

Children under three years can sit with you in the back seat of a taxi if you don't have your carseat with you, provided that the taxi has a fixed partition

Most children do not fit into a seat belt properly until they are around 12 years old. The 5 Step Test can help you check if your child is ready to wear

Carseats keep your child safe, but they can easily turn into a danger if not installed or used properly.

Each time you “graduate” your child to the next seat, there’s a reduction in the level of protection for

In most cases, you can get your seat inspected free of charge. For more information, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and search for a

State laws regulating carseat, booster seat and seat belt use should be considered a bare

Some carseats require their top tether to be attached in order to meet the safety standard they were built under (recent AU/NZ seats are an example of this). It is also true that it is safer to place one's childinacarseat belted to the aircraft seat than to carry them on your lap when you are flying.

In fact, the safest spot for a baby's carseat is in the center of the back seat rather than on the sides.

Guests can carry achild's carseat / additional postural support (child restraint device) onboard the aircraft, according to our approved specifications.

When achild is travelling in the front seat using a booster cushion, the adult seat belt must be worn, taking the following into consideration

Have you checked the date on that carseat? It has a life expectancy, because unlike that other paraphernalia it could be subjected to tremendous

The carseat manufacturers are not involved in the selection of seats or brands. The Consumer Organizations are buying the products from actual

Clean & safe children's CarSeat from us will save you over half from rent-a-car companies.

Are usually for children under 1 year old, but if your child can still fit ina rear-facing carseat until they are 1 to 3 years old the NHTSA recommends that you

Members can borrow achildcarseat for free. The latest AAA magazine mailed to my house says that AAA lends convertible and booster seats to members

If you have one of these seats, you do not need to buy a new carseat until your child is ready for a belt positioning booster seat.

Carseat designed to be used in the back seat of the vehicle, or the front seat but only if there is no passenger airbag or it is disconnected.

Cars and carseats can’t be sold unless they can withstand a 30-mph frontal crash. But most cars are also tested ina 35-mph frontal crash and in