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When placing children in the front seat of acaryou must also consider the airbag, and if the car has one it MUST be switched off. Children have been killed by car airbags, even when the collision was only a minor one and one which wouldn't have normally resulted in death. Even at the age of 7 and at...

No childinacarseat should be placed ina seat with an active airbag. It jeopardizes the child's life.

If you sit in the front seat, inan accident the child will go through the wind screen. You should also make sure you sit behind one of the seats not

You've even had your carseat inspected at an inspection station to make sure you installed it correctly.

Testing childcarseats out in your vehicle before purchasing them: Try to fit different varieties of seats in

Children under three years can sit with you in the back seat of a taxi if you don't have your carseat with you, provided that the taxi has a fixed partition

The Penn State Medical Centre report says children as young as 1 month had either suffocated or been strangled by the straps of their carseats. In the image above, you can see how a small baby can easily wriggle out of carseat straps if they’re not tightened correctly.

Choosing the right childcarseat for your child can be confusing. Keeping your child safe is the priority. When you use them correctly

Here’s what you need to know about children riding in the car, as well ascarseat safety tips by age.

When choosing achildcarseat, consider where you wish your child to sit in the car, and check that the child seat can be properly fitted in that position.

Children should stay ina booster seat until they are big enough for a seat belt to fit properly. This means that “the lap belt must lie snugly across the upper thighs, not the

Carseats are essential for child safety on the road, but getting toddlers or preschoolers to comply with buckling up can be difficult, especially if they are tired, uncomfortable, or jealous that older siblings get to sit in the "big seats." The key to getting them into their carseats is to avoid a power struggle by...

If this is the case in your car, you can use the seat belt to install the carseat in the center position even

First of all, the best thing you can do is to find out what the laws about carseats and booster seats are in your state.

Warning Never place achild safety seatina front passenger seat with an air bag.

Every childcarseat and booster seat sold in Canada has an expiry or useful life date on it and should not be used past that date. Childcarseats for infants. Newborn babies and infants need special protection while ina vehicle. Ina collision, a properly installed rear-facing childcarseat can save...

The time to change your child’s carseat is sooner than you think, Consumer Reports says.

Many injuries and fatalities occur because children are not safely buckled in or strapped into acarseat during transit. In fact, a CDC study found that

Children who are not required to be inacarseat or booster seat, but are under 16 years old, must

The rules around carseats can be confusingCredit: Getty Images. This is one of the most hotly-debated questions among parents because there is no