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This is your book now, so technically you can do whatever you want with it. Make your own WimpyKid stories and comics, list your fave things and your totally awesome practical jokes, and

DiaryofaWimpyKidDo-It-YourselfBook by Jeff Kinney A readable copy. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact.

DiaryofaWimpyKid book. Read 29 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Read the first two books, and then create your own wimpy

Based on the diaryof character Greg Heffley, this innovative journal lets kids express themselves. With artwork throughout, it includes blank pages for readers to create their own stories. of full-color comics. Now you can write your own bestseller! With The WimpyKidDo-It-YourselfBook, you're...

DiaryofaWimpyKid: Do-It-YourselfBook. Author:Kinney, Jeff. Book Binding:Paperback. World of Books Ltd was founded in 2005, recycling books sold to us through charities either directly or

7. DiaryOfAWimpyKid 8. Doityourselfbook 9. Movie Diary First I thought Dog Days would be my least favorite but I slap myself in the face, pow

The first book of DiaryofaWimpyKid was published in 2007 and very it was quite amazing that it

Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into a new year and a new school where undersize weaklings share the corridors with kids who are taller, meaner and

Book 1. DiaryofAWimpyKid is: Red Book2. Rodrick Rules is: Blue Book 3. The Last Straw is: Green Book 4. Dog Days is: Yellow Book 5. The Ugly

DiaryofaWimpyKidDo-It-YourselfBook Ages 8-14. October 1, 2008. F&p/grl: t.

Kids love DiaryofaWimpyKid by Jeff Kinney because of its humorous look at middle school and home life and its format, combining

Book2: DiaryofaWimpyKid: Rodrick Rules. Ages 8-12. Greg is in seventh grade and just wants to forget about the summer's events.

I first read DiaryofaWimpyKid around 2009 and enjoyed the series until the 6th book, then it became bland and boring but I kept reading until the

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DoItYourself is a series of pages with prompts in the WimpyKid Style that allows the reader to draw and write their own additions to the book.

Supplementary Books: DiaryofaWimpyKidDo-It-YourselfBook The WimpyKidDo-It-YourselfBook:Extended Edition The Wimpy

Publication Order of WimpyKid Non-Fiction Books. The WimpyKidDo-It-YourselfBook.

DiaryofaWimpyKid: Level 2. ~Adapted from the book by the Delaware Project. Grade Band 3 ...

DiaryofaWimpyKid: DoitYourselfBook is a book written by Jeff Kinney. It is an activity book in which you imitate Greg Heffley by making your own journal. It includes a section of comics that are mentioned in the first two books including Zoo-Wee-Mama, Creighton the Cretin...

Gregory "Greg" Heffley is the main protagonist of the DiaryofaWimpyKid series. He is best friends with Rowley Jefferson and he is known for his

In this DIYbook you can tell the story of YOUR life, which is hopefully not quite as wimpy as poor Greg’s. If something funny happens

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Now every kid can write like aWimpyKid! An exciting companion to the bestselling DiaryofaWimpyKid series.

3. Description this book Now you can write your own bestseller! With "The WimpyKidDo-It-YourselfBook," you re the author, illustrator, and main character. Filled with loads of interactive pages and plenty of space to write your own life s story, this book is all you need to create your...

2.- Visit The DiaryofaWimpyKid cartoon network. It's a great fun! 3.- Wimpy videos here. 4.- 5.- Become awimpy character at Wimpy Yourself. * How many votes do you give to the book? Read some interesting reviews HERE. * Tell and send what you think about the book...

Jeff Kinney's DiaryofaWimpyKid books have now sold over 75 million books worldwide. This fantastic slipcased collection brings together the