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“Many people entertain the idea that Christianity,like almost any other religion,is basically a system of beliefs-you know, a set of doctrines or a code of behavior, a philosophy, an ideology.

“Seven in 10 Protestants ages 18 to 30—both evangelical and mainline—who went to church regularly in high school said they quit attending by age 23, according to the survey by LifeWay Research.” (USA Today)**. DontCheckYourBrainsattheDoor gives teens answers that make sense...

For young adults, DontCheckYourBrainsattheDoor provides answers to change the way we think. Authors Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler answer some tough questions regarding the Bible, God, religion, and the Christian life in general. We live in a world full of opinions, myths, images, and more.

I recently read Don'tCheckYourBrains as part of the review program. An evaluation copy was provided to me at no charge.

(USA Today) DontCheckYourBrainsattheDoor gives teens answers that make sense, even for the toughest of questions.

With the easy to access chapters and the “Brain Food” section atthe end, I would highly recommend asking everyone in their early to late teens to read this.

‘What’s the point of being President if you can’t do anything?’ I can’t say for sure how many times I’ve been asked that in one form or the other, but I do know that I haven’t answered it directly, yet. Picture a little scene. You and a friend (or more) talking about school, and this year’s CLADS: how stupid and...

The content addresses some of the questions/arguments Christians may have or encounter from friends who are not like-minded in faith.

The Apologetics Study Bible for Students is a good study tool to supplement a strong apologetics curriculum. It will allow your middle or high schooler to

It follows master free-stylists into the clubs, their jobs, and their everyday lives. Filmed in the studio as well, the dancers’ virtuosic moves are brilliantly revealed in silhouette or light pools. In their words, they describe clubbing, why they dance, how they dance, and what it means.

No, "Watchmen" requires that you not check yer brainatthedoor. It wants you to think about why one fight scene is incredibly violent and grotesque

Neither did you have to checkyourbrainsatthedoor when you accepted Him as your Savior. Slideshow 3110742 by fritz.

Part 6 of 7 of the "Don'tCheckYourBrainattheDoor" series. Acts 4:12, John 18:37. Pastor Austin Shaw.

I was able to download and run the BigDataUniversity VMWare image and it ran fine, but had some limiting factors including a series of licensing details that make running the VM cumbersome.

And yet the words I most remember from him were, “Dontcheckyourbrainatthedoor.” It was always clear what he meant: While managerial tools can be insightful, mindless obedience is a road to ruin. In Six Sigma, the tools ranged from a C&E matrix and process mapping to a RACI Matrix and...

The days keep changing, will you? Checkyourbrainatthedoor.

Laced with clarity and humor, McDowell and Hostetler expose common myths about God, the Bible, religion, and life, showing how Christianity stands

Work, on the other hand, requires knowing your unique abilities, and using them to think through the day with ways to add value and make a difference.

In Don'tCheckYourBrainattheDoor, Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler examine 42 different myths concerning faith and life that many young teens believe today.

Also, unlike the stick-your-head-in-the-sand and pretend-it-isn’t-so ways of living, Am I Hungry? shares sound nutrition information, and illustrates

: : What does 'checkyourbrainatthedoor' mean? : : It means you are about to witness or be involved in something so stupid that you can only enjoy

“Seven in 10 Protestants ages 18 to 30—both evangelical and mainline—who went to church regularly in high school said they quit attending by age 23, according to the survey by LifeWay Research.” (USA Today) DontCheckYourBrainsattheDoor gives ...

How often do we hire people and ask them to check their brainatthedoor? Our industry has a habit of hiring people to come and work for us and then we dismiss the new ideas they bring to our organizations. We hire new team members to help energize us, and they can, if we take the time to...

Our mission is to improve the practice of business by identifying the most important new ideas in management, vetting them for rigor, shaping them into practical wisdom for executives, and

Most of the presentations and slideshows on are free to view, many are even free to download. (You can choose whether to allow people to download your original PowerPoint presentations and photo slideshows for a fee or free or not at all.) Check out today...

Later in the week I re-opened the book The Secret and as I skimmed through the pages this quote jumped off the page, “Checkyourbrainsatthedoor.

The Brains are not your normal Survivor tribe, so not being on your toes at all times is a huge blunder.

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The “literal, inerrant” reading of the biblical texts is a much more recent approach to reading the Bible than more critical methods.

The excessive skepticism shown toward the Bible by important historical schools of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, certain phases of which still appear periodically, has been progressively discredited.

Someone once said: “the greatest waste of human brain power in the world is the typical nonprofit board meeting.” What are your impressions of THAT