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Dragracingferrarinovitectune level 5. dragracing pro tunes, helping you improve your game on the most i've already updated the level 1 bmw 328is 12.287 tune, as. ... found the right tune. im only racing in level 6 but thats that set up?? you just havent found the right tune...

This gorgeous Rosso Corsa example found its way to a dragracing event, where it went against several other supercars, from the likes of

Daftar tune up dragracing android posted on career level 4 dragracing: bmw m3 e92 (4,4,2,4,3,4) career level 5 dragracing: novitec rosso 599 gt8 (1,1,1,0. Level 6 ini jg bisa pake novitec rosso dengan setting tune seperti join dragracing kaskus, di sana up to date.. yang di ferrarinovitec.

Ferrarinovitec level 6 - 8.751 Ferrarinovitec level 7- 8.399 Ultimate aero 1/4 mile level 9- 7.756 And others All of my cars are pretty much tuned for 1/4 mile but good times at 1/2 mile as well .

Here are what I think are the best tune up settings for the Novitec Rosso 599 GTB.

Adriano Bandeira Louro Junior > ‎DragRacingTuning Tipps. Tuning for Anvil.

...Rosso 599 GTB vs CM/Aston Martin ONE -One Mile Novitec Rosso 599 GTB TUNE: 1st Gear: 3.075 2nd Gear: 2.12 3rd Gear: 1.600 4th Gear: 1.200 5th Gear: 0.94 6th Gear: 0.76 Final Drive: 2.835 Note: This is NOT the fastest FerrariNovitec

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Ok, so how do you tune your car in the dragracing game on and android. well here are the steps.

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Android DragRacing win complete level 7 career stage with 1 tune setup for Pagani Zonda R V1.6 Upgrades 2 1 3 1 4 4 Including the boss race against Ferrari ...