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Eni presents the first volume of the WorldOil, Gas and Renewables Review, the annual statistics report that this year has reached the17th edition. The present volume, WorldOilReview, is devoted to oil reserves, supply, demand, trade and prices with a special focus dedicated to crude oil quality...

Eni presents the 15th edition of the WorldOilandGasReview, the annual statistical review of the global oiland natural gas market and the refining sector. In 2015, oil reserves showed an increase while gas reserves recorded a decline.

Worldoil demand grew by 1.7%, less than 2015 (2.2%) when oil prices fell dramatically. World refining capacity rose by 1.5 Mb/d driven by the Middle East and Asia. In 2016 oil reserves increased slightly (+0.2%) mainly due to the contribution of additional reserves in Iraq.

Eni has released the 17th edition of the WorldOil, Gas and Renewables Review, the annual

Oil Gas In all the chapters of oiland natural gas, in some countries figures may include oiland natural gas from non conventional sources and others

In 2016 oil reserves increased slightly (+0.2%) mainly due to the contribution of additional reserves in Iraq. OPEC countries remain the biggest reserves holders (74% of world’s total) with Venezuela in first position with the

Eni is an Italian multinational oilandgas company headquartered in Rome. (Image source: Fernando Butcher/Flickr). The review provides figures and statistics on natural gas, biofuels and modern renewable

Eni release WorldOilandGas Report 2016. (Image source: Luca Mascaro/Flickr). ENI chief executive officer Claudio Descalzi opened the report with the news that Year 2015 proved a slight increase in oil reserves while there was a decline in gas reserves.

The Italian company has presented the second part of the WOGR. This year's great innovation is the in-depth analysis of renewables (wind and solar power)

Eni has presented its thirteenth edition of the WorldOilandGasReview, a statistical review of the global oilandgas market and refining industry with a

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Oilandgas reserves continue to rise, confirming that operators are able to replace reserves put into production and to find new ones: a comparison of

WorldOilReview 2017 3 .Oil Reserves The World Top 10 Reserves Holders (*) (million barrels as at 31st December) The World Top 10 (2016) (*) Data source: Eni’s estimates on Enerdata Global Energy Market & CO2 Data and other official data sources.

Global gas production remained pretty flat in 2014, Italy’s Eni revealed in its WorldOilandGasReview on Tuesday.

The collaboration between Angelini Design and Eni for the study and design of all the covers of institutional publications continues.

World gas demand rose by two percent in 2016, according to Eni SpA’s latest WorldOilandGasReview.

Eni presents the second volume of the WorldOilandGasReview, the annual statistics report on world reserves, production and consumption of oil

Worldoilandgas reserves continue to increase, confirming that operators are able to replace reserves put into production with new discoveries, according to Italian oil major ENI’s 12th edition of its “WorldOilandGasReview”. Eni said its annual statistical review of the worldoilandgas market showed...

Eni confirms its strategy of production growth, raising its average annual target to over 4% in the 2013- 2016 period. This growth is based on a scenario of $90/bbl to 2016, but it is resilient to higher oil prices. Eni’s growth strategy is founded on organic development, thanks to the significant contribution coming...

The OilandGas Development Company (OGDC), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), ENI and ExxonMobil have planned to begin drilling of the first

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"During the meeting, which was held in an atmosphere of cordiality, they discussed the progress of the Perla super-giant field project, one of the largest gas fields discovered in the world in recent years, and Junin-5 oil field project," Eni said in a statement Monday. Junin-5 is operated jointly by development...

...of gas and oil, gas marketing, management of gas infrastructure, power generation, petrochemicals, oilfield services and engineering industries. ENI has operations in 85 countries on five continents, including Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

The competitiveness of oilandgas industry and especially in the upstream sector of the industry is significantly intensive. - OilandGas Discussion OilandGas Topix

OilandGas International (OGI) is the world's leading and most respected online source of upstream petroleum industry news, information, and analysis including exploration & discoveries, drilling & completion, development & production, licensing & concessions, geosciences, HSE, company news...

Crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, diesel, propane, and other liquids including biofuels and natural gas liquids.

World gas reserves increased by 0.9 per cent last year, driven by the United States, Nigeria and Iraq, according to the newly released WorldOilandGasReview by Italian oil major, Eni. The report, which was released on Wednesday, said Russia remained the top holder of gas reserves...

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