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The fuel filler nozzle attached to the gas station's pump is where the signal to stop the fuel flow occurs. The ML is not sending any signal other than the

Did my first full tank fill up at the same gas station I used to take my vehicle I traded in for the Shelby and the pump nozzle didn't shutoffwhen full. Gas started pouring out down side of car. I was holding the nozzle filling it up.

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When I try to fill my car up the gaspumpshutsoff after just a couple of seconds of filling up, as if the tank was already full. I have a 2002 hyundai

Hi, Have a 1999 c230k, when you go to fill the car you get about a 1/4gal in and it shutsoff let gas settle another 1/4gal and so on.

I am having trouble whenfilling the gas tank - With all the evaporative emissions lines connected, the fuel backs up in the filler neck, shuttingoff the gaspump. The air being introduced into the gas tank while pumping gas apparently has nowhere to go. I got under the truck and disconnected the hard...

Some dispensing pumps at the gas station seem to be more sensitive than others in sensing backpressure...they keep cutting off well before the tank is full...try another

TrueDelta gas mileage survey says to fill till the second shutoff. When do you stop filling?

When the pump nozzle assembly senses this increased pressure it registers it as a full or nearly full tank and shutsoff the flow of the gasoline from the

The problem is a matter of 'burping'... as gas enters the tank, the displaced air has to travel right back up the same path as the in-bound liquids.

Re: Gaspumpshutoff. I had this problem once, and I know this will sound weird, but, I found if I turned the nozzle upside down while filling my

When I gas up my car, I don't squeeze the lever on the pump handle, but, instead, I slide the lever into the little notch so that my tank will fill itself up while I squeegee the windows. When the tank is full, the pump shudders, the lever dislodges itself, and the filling ceases.

Automatically shuttingoff of the pump may seem like an “out-of-your-league” electric process, but actually, it’s not an electric process at all.

When the pumpshutsoff don't pump in more fuel. Iv always removed the canister and just disconnected all the lines at the nearest solenoids to

I have to pump really slowly and it it gets increasingly hard to get any in. I can hear gurgling in the filler neck sometimes.

Then the pumping was stopped and the gasoline was let out into the customer's tank by gravity.

When ever I attempt to pump gas, I have to thread it in. The pumpshutsoff if I fully depress the nozzle lever. This is really annoying because it takes so long to fill up. Can anyone help me find the problem ?

After filling up less than a gallon, the pump clicked off. I started it up again and it clicked off again. When I pulled the nozzle out, gas leaked out like it was full.

Lately when I fill my gas tank, gasoline gushes or spurts out when the tank is full. I know normally the gaspumpshutsoff automatically when tank is full. Anybody know what causes this?

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP with trouble code 446, and hard to fill tank without the pump nozzle from shuttingoff repeatedly.

Putting gas in the car and pumpshutsoff every 1/4 gal. Can put in at a trickle but any speed shutsoff the pump. Mechanic has checked the hoses for pinching and vents for clogs and all is