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This anime is not an adaptation of any of the volumes of the series, but an original story that takes place vaguely after

Hippopotas spends its time bathing in sand and avoids water at all costs. It covers itself in sand as a protective measure against germs and expels sand instead of sweat.

Hippopotas cannot bury themselves underground very efficiently, and are also more vulnerable to predators, so their mothers often rest aboveground and cover their babies with sand until they learn...

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Hippopotas is the unevolved form, It evolves into it's First Evolution using 50 Candy.

Slack Off gives Hippopotas reliable recovery and assists greatly in walling opponents. Stealth Rock supports the team and puts pressure on the opposing team's switch-ins by providing important...

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You can catch a Hippopotas by following the steps in this video! you need to gave gotten the national dex first though.

Nell'anime. Hippopotas appare per la prima volta nel corso dell'episodio Un Hippopotas in Pericolo (Mass

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