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The only way togetElectivire is either trading it from anothergame or catching it in the Valley Windworks when you have FireRedin your GBA slot.

howtoget a elctivire from elctabuzz. which stone do i use to evolve electabuzz to electivire.

Toget magmotar, you have toget a magmarizer which is at route 214 and trade while holding it. It's pre-evolution is magby which you have to breed magmar or Magmotar toget. For Electivire, you have toget a electrizer at valley windworks and trade with electabuzz holding it.

Electivire is an item-held trade evolution. You have to equip an Electabuzz with an Electrizer and trade it to a friend. Electabuzz can be found on Route 222 and they have a small chance of carrying Electrizer with them.

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