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Both of thesecretendings for KingdomHearts Final Mix HD, from KingdomHearts HD 1.5 Remix. You only see one of these upon beating the game, so I took both and complied them into one video. Howtoget these endings: Another Side, Another Story: You get this by sealing every keyhole...

In a way,there is no ending.Once you beat Xemnas there is no save point afterwards,so once you load your file,you never beat the game.This is for

You can unlock thesecretendingin Proud mode just like Momo said and you can also unlock it in Normal by completing Jiminy's journal (all mini-games, treasure

First off, to access the epilogue, you must complete the game and watch the ending. Then, should you have downloaded the update, the game will

KingdomHearts 3's ending is pieced together out of various different scenes. Here's a guide for howtoget them, and explaining what it all means.

To 'collect' the emblem, you'll have to take out your Gummiphone and take a photo of it. A yellow box will indicate that it is indeed an emblem. Thankfully, some very dedicated players have done the work for you, so if you're like most of us, and too lazy to actually find every single emblem, we've got them...

KingdomHearts 3 has a secretending. However, unlocking it won't be easy. Read this page to learn howto unlock thesecret movie from which you can learn about the possible future of Sora and the entire KingdomHearts universe.

KingdomHearts III comes with a SecretEnding and to unlock it players have to find a certain number of Lucky Emblem. For those who don't know, Lucky Emblem is a new collectible inKingdomHearts 3. They are icons in the shape of Mickey Mouse perfectly integrated into the environment that must be...

Defeat the foes and gain Secret Report 6. KingdomHearts 3 Battlegate 7. Still in Corona, you can find this one fairly easily by spawning at Rapunzel’s

InKingdomHearts1togetthesecretending you need to find all 99 of the dogs, and seal every world.

How do you rename hollow bastion inkingdomhearts 2. Is there a hyper shadow the hedgehog. Where can you download half life 1 full version.

InKingdom Heats 3 there is a secretending called 'Epilogue: Lost Secrets'. To unlock it you will need to find and photograph a certain amount of Lucky Emblems, the exact number is determined by th..

Howto unlock theSecret Movie inKingdomHearts 3. The manner the hidden ending of KH3 works relies on each your problem and the variety of fortunate

Unlocking theSecretEnding. One might be tempted to join Kairi in shedding a tear for Sora fading away from existence, but hold onto those

KingdomHearts 3 | KH3. Difference In Difficulty Levels: SecretEnding Conditions.

To watch the epilogue you need to beat the game and download the latest update. Kingdomhearts III will then tell you there’s a new video available in Theater mode

The update schedule for KingdomHearts III said the patch would go live on January 30, but some players have been able to access the epilogue on launch day.

Thankfully, there is only one requirement for unlocking thesecretendinginKingdomHearts 3. This is contrary to previous games like Dream Drop

In order toget access to thesecretending movie, you’ll have to unlock it – and doing so is all built around those Lucky Emblems (or Hidden Mickeys – they look like King Mickey’s head) scattered throughout the worlds of KingdomHearts 3. Subscribe to the VG247 newsletter Get all the best bits...

You cannot unlock thesecretending at all in beginner mode and although you can on the standard setting yet this is difficult and time consuming as you have toget 100% in the ‘Reports’ menu by finding all the items, stickers, and Xehenort’s reports as well as fighting every enemy and beating all the mini...

Thesecretending movies traditionally drop teases on the next instalments in the franchise, be them spin-off or sequels. This is what has happened with the previous game, so fans shouldn’t be shocked to find some hints being dropped in KH3. To unlock the KingdomHearts 3 secretending, players...

KingdomHearts 3, like most of the titles in the saga, offers a hidden secretending that can only be unlocked by respecting certain special conditions. Knowing howto unlock thesecretending is essential to complete the KingdomHearts 3 story and get a complete picture of the whole plot (and...

KingdomHearts 3 has a secretending. It’s a cinematic you can watch after completing the game, and it teases the next one. However, you’ll need to fulfill the requirements before it’s

KingdomHearts 3D’s secretending shows Yen Sid talking to Mickey that (for KingdomHearts III) he’s planning to bring together the 7 Keyblade wielders — these likely are Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Aqua, Ventus, Mickey, and Lea or Terra — needed to fight the 13 Darknesses. This in order to: A)...

There are 90 Lucky Emblems in the game and you need to find them all if you wish to unlock theSECRETending. Note, the requirement reduces as you increase the difficulty but on Beginner mode you need to find all 90. At the moment, we don’t know what the requirement is for Normal and Proud...

When KingdomHearts III leaked, creator Tetsuya Nomura said the biggest spoilers in the game were the

...ending of KingdomHearts 3, including conditions the player must meet in order to view it after finishing the game. Conditions to Unlock theSecretEndinginKingdomHearts 3. Number of Lucky Emblems

That KingdomHearts 3 SecretEnding is quite the doozy, isn't it? We've deconstructed it and the Epilogue, and here are both the Epilogue and the

In the ending of KingdomHearts 3, Sora is the only one who didn’t get to have a happy resolution. Everyone else is hanging out with friends on the Destiny Islands, except Sora, who apparently lost himself while bringing back Kairi from her unfortunate stabbing at the end of KingdomHearts 3.

They’re also clamored for by people trying toget to thesecretending. Once you collect all five pages, head on over to Merlin's house at Hollow Bastion to be

In order toget access to thesecretending movie, you’ll have to unlock it, and doing so is all built around Lucky Emblems (or Hidden Mickeys – they look like King Mickey’s head) scattered

KingdomHearts – Another Side, Another Story. TogettheSecret Movie you must clear the following criteria: Standard – Collect all 99 Dalmations hidden around the worlds, clear

KingdomHearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue: In the credits of HD 2.5 Remix, clips of KingdomHearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance were shown as well as the inclusion of a secretending related to the game, hinting at a possible additional collection.[48] In September 2015, Square Enix announced...

KingdomHearts: Birth by Sleep (Playstation Portable) comes next in the timelines, excluding portions of its secretending, Blank Points.

First shown in a secretendinginKingdomHearts II, Birth by Sleep is a prequel to the first two games. In a time where the art of wielding the Keyblade

Kingdomhearts1.5 Remix is the latest episode of the KingdomHearts franchise. It is a compilation of the HD remakes of the first episode , the Re