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For NIS 58.00 (HKD 125.50) Josef’s burger is actually worth a try if you’re in the area and desperate forahamburger. The fries are alright. It’s a neat little experience – enjoying aburger in one of the world’s oldest cities, that like the burger, has been built, destroyed, and rebuilt several times over.

RE: "I'dgladlypayyouTuesdayforahamburgertoday" Does anyone remember that characters name?

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I'dgladlypayyouTuesdayforahamburgertoday." - J. Wellington Wimpy. Let's you and him fight."

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I almost always ask for no ice because pop comes cold out of the machine. That's another weird american trope. "Give me 3/4 of a glass of ice with a smidge of pop please." You just end up with watered down meh at the end....

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AHamburgerToday About AHamburgerToday is a weblog about America’s national dish—the hamburger! We offer a delicious mix of news digests, reviews, videos

If you are like me and you grew up in the 1970s/1980s, you probably watched your fair share of cartoons on TV.

I just translated an article fora Chinese economics magazine on the likely impact of the whole affair here (not too bad as yet seemed to be the claim), and was realising how little of

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Thankfully, you can import an event from an .ical file, and Google will understand the more complex schedules. In my case, I needed two separate

Our mouth-watering I'dGladlyPayYouForaHamburgerToday Socks are anything but Wimpy! Make your next fast food "run" in style in the Big Mac

Would you rather (By kyoto Male Gold Medal Gold Trophy Super Star Diamond Gold Crown 3 years ago).

Wimpy loves hamburgers, an amour that leads to his signature line, "I'll gladlypayyouTuesdayforahamburgertoday." The line, a diner's hustle, neatly captures the risk of lending to any individual or national entity who spends loaned money to pay for immediate needs. Wimpy eats his burgertoday.

If you do not study, You Shall Not Pass. Still too soon? Being a wildlife photographer must be stressful work. . My current hobby is designing products that solve problems that don’t really exist. This is the ForkYou, a multi-click activated fork for eating with multiple condiments. Literally, us.

To be honest about my dating experience, I have no idea what I'm doing or what I want. I think I'll know when I find it, though. Perhaps you can help.

the phrase implies the underlying feeling that the person will unlikely actually pay for the hamburger (or whatever) on tuesday (or ever, for that matter. i told my bank that idgladlypay them tuesdayfora

The burger market had dropped dramatically, and those who'd given their lives to selling sizzling beef patties between buns discovered they were up ketchup creek

If you allow future promises in a deal at all (despite being non-binding and unenforceable), they can only be for things that you could legally do - ally, refuse to ally, place (your own) ships on a particular colony you have, play a card, refrain from playing a card, play a card on a particular (legal) target, etc.

“Wimpy: “IdgladlypayyouTuesdayforahamburgertoday.” There are a lot of juicy burgers in San Miguel. Fat Boy’s.

If I schedule to run it on Tuesdayfor the previous Saturday, will the report show what it would have had we run it on Saturday.

“So you’re telling me that Time Warner sends contractors out to do their work and install their equipment, but doesn’t back it?” “Pretty much.

Now, so do you. (You are welcome.) I have been in your position and I have said “yes” and undertaken mountains of work at a discounted rate like a damned idiot

If you do believe the above statistics are all fabrications, I see no point in having a discussion because I don't discuss economics or other subjects with people who live in fairy castle land. Some assert these numbers are "phony" or "contrived". There is no doubt they are affected by seasonal considerations.

So, if you’re hungry for insight into your business TODAY give us a shout. We’ll be happy to help you quickly prioritize your wish list and focus on delivering high-value results in weeks, all while building the foundation for future “I need it now” insights into your business. Now, how about that hamburger?

Today, nearly half of American families pay no federal income tax. Visually, this can be likened to a cart in which half of us are seated and enjoying the ride while the other half pulls. To boot, recent articles have noted that over the years, our elected representatives have voted us trillions of other unfunded...

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You do not want clients whose first interaction with you is to attempt to use your enthusiasm and your optimism against you.

In the Popeye comic back in 1932, character J. Wellington Wimpy uttered the famous phrase, “I’ll gladlypayyouTuesdayfora cheeseburger today.” It’s a phrase that has since been used to illustrate a lack of foresight — wanting instant gratification fora future cost. Indians manager Terry Francona played...

Trizzy’s summer trek picks up again today in Charlotte NC for another Bacardi B-Live bash, with proper 10,000LB Hamburger Tour dates kicking off on the

Guillermo visited Chef George Mendes at his Michelin Star Restaurant Aldea fora lesson in how to elevate these under-appreciated fish.