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Can you stillget a girl pregnant when he smokesweed? Yes, marijuana has no affect on the male sperm count, there have been reports

Anyway, was he smoking before you got together? If so, you can't really enter his life and dictate what he does. You can't anyway, but if he smoked

Myboyfriendsmokesweed every day and hans bongs with his friends. It only resin, but he's also quite paranoid in our relationship even though I've never cheated. Could this be why? Abd how canIget him to stop smokingweed? I nag at him, but there's only so much nagging you can do in...

Re: Myboyfriendsmokesweed. Don't piss him off, if hes high he'll probably hurt you without meaning it, just break up with him, hes not gonna get anywhere in

Myboyfriendsmokes pot every day, if not more. It bugs me quite a bit, & he knows this.

Myboyfriendsmokesweed weekly and when i told him to stop he said fine but i feel bad when i see him with his friends because they're all smoking and he can't smoke because i told him

Summary (tl;dr) – Smokingweedcan have a significantly negative impact on almost every aspect of gettingpregnant. Smokingweed has been linked to

Ok, so myboyfriendsmokesweed, at least 4 or more times a day.

Q: My periods are very irregular. I have only one every 3 or 4 months. Is it possible for me to stillgetpregnant? And how will I know the best time to try to conceive since I'm irregular?

My husband and Iget high together all the time. Is it your first time going to Jamaica? I'm from Kingston but I've been every place in the island.

Disbarred for smokingweed when discriminalized? That sounds too harsh. But I strongly believe that by the time I'm a lawyer it will be legalized, plus I probably won't smoke when I am due to that

You’ve got problems, I’ve got advice. This advice isn’t sugar-coated—in fact, it’s sugar-free, and may even be

Still, if your friend hasn't toked up at all in a month, he’ll probably pass a urinalysis test. While conducting research to assist drug courts and parole offices in 2005, Paul L. Cary, director of the Toxicology and Drug Monitoring Laboratory at the University of Missouri...

But I’m still freaked out. CouldIgetpregnant from that? Is it worth it to take Plan B when this stuff happens? Please answer fast!

You can stillgetpregnant. Even though he didn' t ejaculate in you it is possible that some sperm came in contact w/you.

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on staying pregnant against a boyfriend’s wishes and whether a rape survivor can do research on sexual violence.

Myboyfriend just died i got him out of jail caniget my money back? Myboyfriend thinks i like this guy that im going on a marathon with tomorrow but i have no feelings for

I’ve been dating myboyfriend for about 2 weeks and I would really like him to stop smokingweed, but he wont.He means alot to me, and so therefore that

if you smokeweed, your THC blood level spikes high-and-quick, then quickly drops below the typical drug test threshold of 50 ng/mL.

I always try to blow smoke away from his face, but Istill worry that he might be affected in some way. It really doesn’t seem to bother him, but I’d hate to learn that I’m accidentally getting my dog stoned — and possibly making him freak out — against his will. Basically: CanIsmokeweed around my dog?

I stopped smokingweed for the last month mostly by accident. It wasn't a conscious decision on my part, and until I

MyBoyfriendSmokesWeed. Hello Blackman, I am a 35 year old single black mom. I have been seeing a really nice guy for the past year.

Getting out of your apartment to smokeweedcan be enjoyable, like in the park or on your roof. But I don’t want you constantly trying to getme to blaze in

If there is a semi-formal or prom coming up, offer to host a substance-free after party, host bbqs and movie nights. I think many teenagers get high simply because there is nothing

How young can my dog or cat getpregnant? This question is especially important for those who share their lives with cats.

My mother, who hadn't smokedweed in 20 years, managed to get every last bit of the schwag I'd procured into a neat little pile in the center of the paper.

Search This Blog. Can smokingweed once have a lasting effect? We've been told that weedcan cause mental

If you’ve been smokingweed for a long time then quitting weed cold turkey is going to be very difficult for you due to the physical / psychologically addictive THC

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So how does a woman determine if she can still conceive? Many subtle hormonal changes are going on during this perimenopausal transition before

A lot of people smokeweed just to relax, and I know a fair amount of anxious people who credit medical marijuana with helping them live with and manage their symptoms.

Can you get a weed hangover? I personally never associated weed with hangovers. In fact, ‘lack of hangover’ was always something positive I attributed

It is still possible to getpregnant with an IUD, however, because sperm are nothing if

I caught myboyfriend cheating. He has no idea I know. I am going to his house later tonight just to punch him in the

Thanks for watching this video about how i lost my mind smokingweed. Comment below if you have ever had a similar experience.

smokingweed and loving your parents aren't mutually exclusive...typical hypochondriac spoiled brat behavior. fear mongering

IMPORTANT!: my writing is completely fictional, nothing about this is true, or how i think tom would be in real life

I came down stairs to myboyfriend saying "you know how when she gets confused and scrunches her nose up like this?"

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