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StarCraftII is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment for the PC and Mac.

The CD generally had to be in the drive just when those checks happened as the files were all copied during install. Since we check to ensure you own the

If you own StarCraft: Brood War, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the StarCraft: Brood War CD to your StarCraft folder and rename it to "BroodWar.mpq".

How do I play StarcraftBroodWarwithout a CD? i have a netbook w/o an optical drive and I want to play starcraft.

You can download the StarCraftII Starter Edition for free via the Launcher, which includes the first campaign (Wings Of Liberty) and the Arcade (Mods).

Okie dokie - so I've mentioned before that I play Starcraft2 under my Linux install with no issues.

Starcraft2 is the most popular RTS game on PC, but Starcraft2 suffers from crashes, slow menus, screen tearing and low frame rate on Windows 10.

Help installingStarcraft2? first install by placing CD in the container. if u have an acount play right away. if u don't make 1. it might take 1hr to install. and 1hr to make a user if u don't kno wat ur doin.

Starcraft2 is the sequel to the acclaimed rts Starcraft. This game features the same three factions of the original game.

First are there any alternatives to installingstarcraft2without PlayOnLinux? If not: I was hoping for a little bit of guidance installingStarcraft2 on PlayOn Linux.

Pit StarCraft’s iconic, radically-different races against one another in the ultimate theater of war.

Install your StarcraftII, you are required to connect to the internet before the installation else the installer will not starts and error message may show up.

Type " --game=s2_beta --install" without quotes. should open (or focus if it's already open) with a prompt to download the LotV beta.

- If you own only StarCraft, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the StarCraftCD to your StarCraft folder and rename it to "StarCraft.mpq".

Starcraft2 has been out for about a week now and since launch date my life has basically revolved around