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I cant lose the car, but i cant pay for it anymore. Im scared to death of not having a vehicle, as I live in the middle of nowhere. I can't get anywhere without a

Credit report mistakes can lead to disqualification for mortgages and car loans, as well as increased

Losing a jobcan cause a ton of different problems - including tons of stress. With the loss of

If you buy the car from a private party, you will almost certainly need to go to DMV to finalize the title transfer and register the car. You’ll also want to make

I have just passed my driving test and looking to buy a car….realistically, I think at this point a used one is ok even though I saw a site that sells cars and you can pay on

There are a few options for job loss insurance to cover your car payments out there.

You can, however, be discharged if you cannot do the job you were hired to do. There are significant limitations to your employer’s right to do so, though, because of the Family and

You could just form a gentlemen's (or gentlewoman’s) agreement with someone and let them drive the car if they’ll agree to regularly pay you and you’ll continue to

I JustLostMyJob by Father Glamor, released 14 March 2017 1. Filing For Unemployment 2. Slow Shell 3. Vacation? 4. Drift 5. I Guess This EP was made in the time following a zero-notice job loss because of someone else's bad business decisions.

Replacement car keys can be costly. Given that they're the first line of defence against thieves, it's to be expected. In some cases, a lost key can write the

A car is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever buy. But what will happen to your finances if you have a car

I LostMyJob is a documentary film which sets out to explore the phenomenon which is affecting and due to

Lose Your Job Without Losing Your Identity Getting a pink slip can cause more distress than just a shrinking income. Here are three effective schools of

This practice can interfere with car loan approvals. If you’re in this age range, you may know friends who do this. Or maybe you fall into the “frequent job

Losing your job (when you don’t intend to), sucks. Our modern lives are so filled with bills that we simply can’t operate without an income.

I lostmyjob, my apartment, my car, and my girlfriend, all because I made a few personal mistakes. Moving in with family was my rock bottom, and I

What if my car keys have been stolen? Stolen car keys need a slightly different approach to above.

Resilient America: I lostmyjob—but it taught me about saving, and happiness. How one man turned professional challenge into an opportunity.

Selling a car without a title can throw a kink in the works of what is typically a straightforward process of selling your car.

You can only buy a used vehicle from a private seller, and you will be dealing with an individual selling the car for however much cash they want to get: no

Yesterday I got fired from a job I hate, but I'm in the middle of applying for a mortgage and I'm worried this will

Why Can't Homeless People Get Jobs? They don't have addresses, and most employers require addresses. This is a lose-lose situation: They

I can’t just go find another job. In some ways, it would have been better to be fired. At least then I would have only had to wait a few months for licensing and

My name’s Polly and I work for RT (yes, so shoot me). I’m a reporter in the London bureau, and like many of my RT colleagues I woke up this morning

And, indeed, my situation could be worse. I invested in a car that, thanks to Honda’s reputation and the Fit’s reputation specifically, has a higher resale

Are you bouncing from job to job, unable to find a career that really satisfies your professional needs?

She asked my advice. Recently, my mother-in-law died. Losing a loved one and losing a job have similarities. Both involve losing something you

Buying a new car can be a smart choice if you pick the right car, negotiate extremely well, and stay

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