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Before GoldenGateBridge was built, the shortest route between San Francisco and the Marin County was by ship. First ferry service was established in 1820. In time automobile ferries, which were once used only by costumers of the railroad, became very profitable and San Francisco became largest...

TheGoldenGateBridge links the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County. This suspension bridge is an iconic symbol of San

TheGoldenGateBridge is San Francisco’s icon landmark and marvel of modern engineering.

The crossing of theGoldenGate Strait was for many years accomplished by a ferry running

By most accounts, theGoldenGateBridge is the most popular suicide spot in the world, but it's hoped that the addition of nets, a proposal approved in 2014, will help putan end to this sad claim to

TheGoldenGateBridge, a symbol of San Francisco, is the second-most used suicide bridge/site in the world only after the Nanjing Yangtze River

TheGoldenGateBridge was designed originally by Joseph Strauss. Bythe time the approval came through for the bridge, changes were suggested due to advancements in science and materials, which led to the design that is a familiar part of the landscape today. The bridge cost 35 million dollars to...

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Throughout film history, theGoldenGateBridge has been leveled in earthquakes

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Construction of theGoldenGateBridge started in 1933. The bridge, which was designed by engineer Joseph Strauss was built to connect San Francisco with Marin County across the 1600 meter (+5000ft) wide strait known as theGoldenGate which links the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean.

TheGoldenGateBridge was dubbed "the bridge that couldn't be built" because its construction seemed nearly impossible. The mile-wide GoldenGate Strait flows with strong tides and currents in water over 300 feet deep in the center of the channel. Strong winds and thick fog further complicate...

TheGoldenGateBridge was a golden opportunity for young men all over the West, including Fred Brusati, a Montanan who'd left

Since theGoldenGate opened, nearly 1.5 billion people have crossed the 1.7 mile stretch. During its first 30 years of operation vehicle traffic jumped 750 percent, sparking the creation of both bus and ferry operations, which are subsidized by today's three dollar toll for southbound drivers.

A sign mounted near theGoldenGateBridge says drones are not allowed. How is this legal? Lawyer Jonathan Rupprecht gives Drone Girl some answers.

More importantly, theGoldenGateBridge provided a much-needed boost to national morale. “This bridge came during the Great Depression,” notes

TheGoldenGateBridge is arguably the most beautiful and well-known bridge in the US, maybe even the world. I usually go to San Francisco at least once a year to visit family and friends, so

On the bridge above, horrified people leaned over the rail. They couldn’t have seen the impact my body felt as it slammed to a complete halt.

TheGoldenGateBridge spans theGoldenGate Strait and is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean.

The best GoldenGatebridge viewpoints are actually from entirely different spot in San Francisco and Marin

(TNS) -- GoldenGateBridge workers plan to put up signs this week reminding people that the span is a no drone zone. With Christmas in a few days, bridge officials expect thousands of drones to be unwrapped from Sausalito to San Jose, with pilgrimages to the span to test them out.

TheGoldenGateBridge is a suspension bridge, meaning it relies on cables and suspenders under tension along with towers under compression to

TheGoldenGateBridge is free to walk and bike across, with a protected, shared walkway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Image: GoldenGateBridge / Wikimedia Commons. 1. Before the bridge was built, the only practical short route between San Francisco and Marin County was by boat across a

TheGoldenGateBridge was made possible by a joint effort of six California counties: San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Napa, and Del Norte.

Construction of theGoldenGateBridge marked the first time anyone had built a suspension bridge support with a tower in the open ocean. The conditions, above and below the water, were harsh. Divers faced powerful currents as they helped anchor the massive concrete bridge support onto the ocean...

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More people die by suicide at theGoldenGateBridge than at any other site in the world. # CC BY SADavid Allen Corby.

TheGoldenGateBridge was heralded as an engineering marvel when it opened in 1937.

The closest car park is theGoldenGateBridge Welcome Centre (directions). It fills up quickly, especially during peak tourist season – but people

Construction on the iconic San Francisco bridge across theGolden Strait began on January 5, 1933. It was completed and opened to traffic on May 27, 1937 although it had been opened to people to

TheGoldenGateBridge was the longest single span suspension bridge of it’s time, which made it an engineering marvel. There was concern it could not be built because of the distance to be spanned, and the

Let your imagination soar with our GoldenGateBridge Mini Puzzle. Located at the mouth of San Francisco Bay, theGoldenGateBridge is surrounded by a bustling maritime community. Featuring artwork by designer Charles House, this 100-piece puzzle beautifully evokes the atmosphere of the...

TheGoldenGateBridge is an iconic must see and hard to miss if you're visiting San Francisco (this is

The bridge also is by far one of the best walks in the country. More often than not, a dense fog envelops the bridge, which adds to the romantic

The color of theGoldenGateBridge is called “International Orange.” Most surprising part of the visit?

If the gorgeous GoldenGateBridge ceremony backdrop doesn't wow you, then this couple's hip style and romantic love story will.

When theGoldenGateBridge went up, it was the longest suspended bridge span in the world

In the case of theGoldenGateBridge the main cables are 36 inches in diameter and contain 27,572 individual galvanized steel wires.

TheGoldenGatebridge is not only a real work of art, it also played a significant role in the economy of the city, as before it built the only way to get to the North Bay from the city was by ferry, that was the reason San Francisco’s growth