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Im looking for romanceanime series. I enjoy all types. But i would especially like an animewith a serious relationship, that starts of relatively early and progresses through the anime series. IF you've seen Clannad (full series) or itazura na kiss then i would think you understand what i mean.

A listof many good romanceanime series with reviews and screenshots for finding new romanticanimes you still have not seen.

Mecha – Another action packed anime genre, but with the use of giant robots or Mechas.

The anime itself usually has a well formed story-line but due to the nature of this genre viewers often get bored and annoyed at the slow progression.

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We at Honey's Anime will now count down the shows that contain all these elements, creating a listof the Top 10 Action/RomanceAnime.

In this anime, a god who needs to buy a shrine somehow meets a girl that can see him and has a spirit form. They both fight spirits and meet other gods

Get now the Best romanceanime, including Maid Sama!, Clannad, My Little Monster and 14 other top solutions suggested and ranked by the Softonic Solutions user community in 2019.

Orange This anime focuses on “real” issues like depression, being suicidal, having suicidal thoughts, being regretful of your decisions, and the pain of losing your

I find that anime that focus on romance tend to often not be that great at it, there are exceptions of course, as Sabrina

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Anime Title: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Production Studio: Brains Base & Studio Feel Episode Count: 2 Seasons – 13 episodes each Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Description: “Hachiman Hikigaya is an apathetic high school student with narcissistic and semi-nihilistic tendencies.

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Romance - Is there romance, and if so, is the romance a main focus, a subplot, or something else? Date - The season(s) when the anime aired Romance amount - How much screentime the romance gets Romance quality - Depth ofromance, how much the romance is developed Couple(s)...

Report this list. My Fav ANIME (mostly historical romance).

Some of the best romanceanime are built on the platform of misunderstandings. This hilarious little anime starts with a girl confessing to a stoic and cool boy she likes at school only to find out he is a shoujo mangaka. In even more misunderstandings, she ends up being his assistant.