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ModernMuscle has tuned thousands of cars over the years both old and new, fuel injected and carbureted, street car and race car. You can be sure your car will be at its maximum performance when all is said and done. We use a DynoJet 224xLC dynamometer along with a host of software such as...

What does it take for a modernmusclecar to soundlike a classic musclecar? Kevin Frye, studied Car Technology & Cars and Automobiles at

References. Cars Direct: MuscleCar Exhaust Sounds: How Make Your CarSound Huge. About the Author. Simon Breedon has been freelance writing for Newspapers for the past 8 years.

The fastest musclecars of today are safer and more powerful than those used by street racers in the past.

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The classic American musclecar is a beautiful high performance vehicle that many people admire. If you are reading this list, chances are you admire them too. Some would even argue that modernmusclecars are not nearly as well designed as the classic American musclecar.

ModernMuscleCars. The New Take on an Old Favorite. Photo Credit: Benjamin Hunting.

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I love that sound and I wish moderncars would get it back instead of the "purr" or steady rumble that we currently have.

"We are a group of musclecar fans committed to preserving and educating others about our rich musclecar heritage."

MuscleCars HQ Official Website. Here you will find Awesome MuscleCars.

Modernmusclecars are mostly considered an “American culture” and they are usually seen as

Here Are 30 Cars Perfect for City Driving. Nothing SoundsLike a MuscleCar. Please, enjoy this Chevelle.

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I like a loud rumble like the oldmusclecarsound, not that "crackling" noise. I don't want to deal with headers if I don't have to. What's your advice on the best setup for that kind of sound? I like to just drive it slow and enjoy the sound through each shift, you know what I mean?

Old School MuscleCars. 2/4/12. Plymouth Fury MuscleCar. Nowadays is the era of high technologies. It is hard to believe that some 40 or

Just hearing the word musclecar brings images of iconic cars of the past and the sounds of a high performance V8 rumble. There are a lot of definitions of what a musclecar is, but generally speaking most agree it’s. American built. Usually from the 60’s through early 70’s. Rear-wheel drive. Has 2 doors.

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Buying an old classic car is on a lot of people's bucket lists, but there are a few things that will make

To make it as quick as a modernmusclecar would require some significant modifications.

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This article is written for the avid musclecar enthusiasts. They love to make a multitude of modifications

American Classic MuscleCars General Lee Dukes Of Hazzard 1969 Dodge Charger 1968 Dodge Charger 1970 Dodge Charger.

Sixties movies, seventies car races, famous car auctions everywhere in the world – all are somehow connected to at least one model of muscle or

II'd like to have it soundlike an old school musclecar, and I was wondering how would I go about doing that?

A MuscleCar is an American brand, 2 Door with a back seat, V8, impractical, semi-ridiculous, possible for the average man to own around the time it manufactured and is

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Peter Yate’s masterpiece in car direction caused a sensation when it first hit screens on October 17, 1968. Launching both Steve McQueen and the Ford Mustang Fastback into

Old American Flag Wallpaper. MuscleCars 365 Discusses What. Sports Cars 9 Wallpapers.

3. MuscleCars Go with Tats. I can’t make a blanket statement here but the majority of guys I have met who own

We are passionate about classic musclecars as well as our customers; hard-working musclecar enthusiasts. Chevy classic musclecars such as a

Of course, the world of modernmusclecars wouldn't be complete without a Pontiac GTO. It seemed impossible, yet there it was: a brand-new GTO for 2004. GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz, a canny car guy with a long memory, wanted to give ailing Pontiac a hot showroom draw to replace the departed...

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