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To craft the different pieces of the bomb please check the wiki HERE. When all requirements are met, the bomb gets armed and the countdown starts. Note: The amount on the load will affect the explosion and mushroom cloud size. If the amount of Nuclear and Hydrogen Rods are not the same the...

Nuclearbombs are of two types those that depend on fission, like atomic bombs, and those that depend on fusion, like hydrogen bombs. The former get their explosive energy from the splitting of atoms in materials like uranium or plutonium, which takes place automatically.

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NuclearBomb Mod is created by AlexanderGames, the mod was created on Jul 18, 2014 and the last update took place on Jul 18, 2014, so far is a

Minecraft: nuclear war (bombs, explosives, rockets, &.. [minecraft] icbm nuclearbomb + red matter + antimatter..

Yes, there a NuclearBomb mods for Minecraft. There are also mods that have more explosives, including nuclearbombs.

NuclearBomb Mod installs a craftable nuclearbomb that can be used like the normal TNT block but has the strength of 150 normal ones.

Realistic NuclearBomb. The most powerful Bomb ever created in BeamNG, Only used for backup if the war get's very bad. 1,643 times stronger than Stage 4.

This mod ads to the game a nuclearbomb that you can craft. You use it like the normal TNT block. It has the strength of 150 normal ones!