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Combat: Male loses (30) MixedCombat: Male Wins (430) One Sided: Fem vs Fem (572) Piledrivers (138) Punching/Kicking Fights (84) Ring Battles (79) Sentry Girl Knockouts (148) Specialty Customs (283) Spies and Assassins (217) Submission Holds (71) Superheroine vs Male (49) Superheroines...

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Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling Training Center is one of the best MMA schools in the world. We have a top notch facility and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Learn at your own pace in a safe environment with professional instructors!

COMBAT SUBMISSION WRESTLING (CSW) blends various martial arts including but not limited to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Russian Sambo, Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Shootwrestling, Judo and Catchascatchcan. The CSW system includes techniques and submissions...

Sumo Wrestling. If you are looking for that close and personal competition…

* This event is a "Rough Cut" available exclusively here at - A finalized edit will be posted for digital viewing here at within the coming weeks & also made available on DVD through Combat Zone Wrestling Home Video & its distributors.

If you are looking for the best real women wrestling and catfight videos, you are bound to visit Female Combat Stars.

Our mixedwrestling ladies are sexy and strong, ranging from athletic, powerful and muscular females all the way to the atractive slim models as well as sporty hot girls next-door.

RFLX CombatWrestling is “The Missing Link” – designed to bridge the gap between standing and the ground game. The main goal of all wrestling is attain and dominate superior position starting with clinch position. This is the position that often dictates the outcome of a fight.

On August 16th, 2019, in conjunction with All Elite Wrestling, we are incredibly excited to be welcoming the “American Nightmare” himself – CODY!

Mindset Makes the Difference in Wrestling & Life. (800) 215-3179. Call us! Any questions? Get the Mental Edge on and off the Mat.

New World Combat's Close Quarter Combative program is an in depth study of real world, tactical fighting techniques with no sport aspects.

Watch now at Defynow is a weekly wrestling show, done different.

No weight classes. No gender divisions. Just 100% competitive wrestling. This is the digital home of the very best mixedwrestling on earth.

The best in MixedWrestling (MWU Videos, KLV Productions), Rougher MixedWrestling (Live MixedWrestling), Women Smothering Men (Smother & Suffer), Competitive Mixed and Fem/Fem Wrestling (Grappling Gals), Sensual Fem/Fem Wrestling (Straddle Videos) and a variety of different fetishes...