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...toget it back? options offered by Facebook support is not working. now the accountis deactivated. name is changed, email is changed.

Getting hacked on facebook is just like a nightmare, for which you wish thatit had had never

If your facebookaccountwashacked by someone and you really want it back this tutorial would help you get it back. Step 1

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Unfortunately, Facebookaccounthacks are common. I'll look at the process Facebook takes you through to recover a hackedFacebookaccount.

Here are the steps howto can prevent the Facebookaccount from gettinghacked and even can recover hacked account and set new

you didnt get "hacked" - what happened is facebook detected that you were breaking the rules so they suspended your account. Usually this happens when you create more than one account... did you create more than one account? they wont give it back to you if you break the rules.

Also, learn how facebook hackerhackfacebookaccounts in few minutes and their prevention

Retrieving and securing a Facebookaccountthatishacked is quite possible because the social network itself provides a procedure to report a compromised

Your Facebookaccountis suppose to be a personal account, But due to some certain situation it washacked or compromised.

Wondering what to do if your Facebookaccountwashacked? We'll help you resolve this nightmare toget your Facebookaccountback.

FacebookAccountHacked. Facebook is a service used by many. You connect with your friends and family

Don’t worry here is a easy way togetback your hackedFacebook profile.Bad guys out there are using so many tricks to hackfacebook users account.My best advice would be read many security forums and articles this will help you to improve system security and it also helps to avoid falling prey...

Here's howtogetback the hacked account.. MyFacebook got hacked last night, and they changed my password so I can't log back in, what do I do.

Phishing Most Facebookaccountsarehacked by phishing. This is when the hacker “fishes” for your information by creating a portal that looks identical to Facebook’s main page. Then, they send out an email asking you to log in. If you enter your email and password, this information is automatically...

Is there any way toGetthat page back…?? In this case, his Facebook profile washacked by a hacker and then the victim lost access to all his

Tip & How-To about Computers & Internet. HowtoGetBackHackedFacebookAccount. These days there are many ways a facebookaccount can be hackedeasily and many people are