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The table has lights galore, which is just perfect when the room is spinning and you're a point away from recycling all the Natty Light you've downed

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BeerPong - Pin-Up Table. Special Price € 79,95 Regular Price € 99,95. klik hier voor de hoge resolutie foto. Met onze unieke designs zul je altijd en overal kunnen genieten van het mooie spel BeerPong. Onze tafels zijn hufter-proof! Met onze high-quality prints beschikt deze BeerPong tafel over een...

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This beerpongtable comes complete with multiple black lights to give it the optimal lighting affect.

Beerpong is one of the simplest yet entertaining games in the world, but then again, a game probably needs to be simple when most people play it when

This floating pool pongtable is an eye-catching neon green hue and super easy to inflate by pump or by mouth.

+ BeerPongTable Standard BeerPongTables Light BeerPongTables Customize BeerPongTables Float BeerPongTables.

In beerpong if a shot bounces on the table the defending team can block the shot with a slap from a hand or arm. If you block a shot that does not bounce it counts as a cup and you must drink.