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PokemonBlackandWhite seems to be a straight-forward game: 149 new Pokemon to capture, eight badges to acquire, and a Pokemon League to overcome. But there's so much more to the game than just that. After the main adventure, which is time-consuming and arduous enough as it is, you'll be...

If PokemonBlackandWhite were books, this would be your book club's discussion notes, which enhance and expand your reading experience, rather than just the Cliff's Notes that help you speed through it. That said, please feel free to leave your comments below if you have anything to add about...

These Pokemon make up for the biggest amount of new Pokemon in a generation. Find out how you can get the Rare Pokemons in the BlackandWhite version of the

PokemonBlackandWhite News about Gen 5 PokemonBlack version and Pokemon White version RPG games – Renhiram and Zero.

Pokemon Season 14. PokemonBlackandWhite. [omschrijving]. Episode: Aflevering: Naam aflevering

4. 9 version exclusives for Black, and 9 for White. If I didn't give a line space between two Pokemon, that means they evolve to and from the Pokemon after and before them respectively. After that, there is a link to their image. The version exclusive Pokemon for Black are