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Should I buy a diesel, petrolor hybrid car in 2019? Our expert guide reveals whether diesel really is still the cheaper, wiser choice.

Petrol cars come cheaper in comparison to diesel version, primarily the reason being that petrol fuel types are manufactured at a lower cost.

For newer diesel cars though, tax is typically higher than for petrol. Driving experience: diesel cars offer more low-speed torque which means they have better

On the contrary, a mass market diesel car (which generally comes fitted with a turbocharger) can showcase a great amount of pulling power which is credited to its increased torque figures (compared to a similar

Petrolordiesel? It's one of the first questions car buyers should resolve before they even get to body type, make or model. Which is better for you will

Petrol vs Diesel - Should I buy a Diesel or Petrol car - We let you choose between a petrol and a diesel car depending on your usage

Traditionally petrol cars are cheaper tobuy but diesel cars have lower running costs. However, the margins are much finer now than in the past, and the difference in cost can vary from model to model to the extent that these 'rules' may be switched around in some circumstances. The advances made in...

Diesel or petrol, that’s the question. New cars are pretty expensive items with popular cars like the Toyota Corolla starting at R230,500. You want to get the best value whenever you buy a car and one of the choices you need to make is between a petrol and a diesel engine in your new vehicle.

When buying a car should you choose petrolordiesel? There’s more to this decision than which is cheaper at the pump - we look at the factors to

Diesel cars have more torque and can be more economical, but cost more to service. Find out if you should buy a petrolordiesel car with Canstar Blue.

Buying a diesel car is the most expensive. Onan average, its cost would be approximately Rs. 2 Lakh higher in Ownership than a Petrol variant car.

While petrol cars are usually cheaper than diesel, the latter offers better fuel economy and therefore brining down the running cost.

Buying used diesel cars makes sense if you drive the car for around 50 kms in a day or around 1500kms in a month.

If we compare petrol and diesel variants of a car, its evident that the diesel variants are minimum 1 lakh more expensive than its petrol counterpart. If we are going for any top end model, the diesel variant is on an average more expensive by Rs 3-4 lakh. Cost of Loan or The Actual Cost of your Car.

The decision on which tobuy is much easier to make today due to how clean diesel engines are now. patrol cars are better than diesel ones if the use is

Both diesel and petrol cars have their own share of power attached to them. Mass-market petrol cars have linear power delivery with great initial pick-up which means better response. The moment you press the accelerator pedal in lower gears, the car surges ahead but then it doesn’t really sustain the...

Petrolordiesel cars, which is best? Looking at the purchase price, fuel costs, MPG, vehicle tax to decide the advantages of both petrol and diesel engines.

Choosing between a petrol and diesel car is a big challenge. Read this brief guide to choose the best option for you before taking a car loan.

Which is not to say all diesel is bad. In fact, if you’re buying a larger car, it’s really the only viable option as petrol engines and hybrids haven’t yet caught up to the point where they can offer reasonable fuel economy in, say, a large executive saloon or a big SUV. Smaller cars and modern petrol...