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In any case, both petrol and dieselcars have their own share of power attached to them. Mass market petrolcars are considered to manifest linear power delivery with great initial pick-up which means better response.

Diesel cars have more torque and can be more economical, but cost more to service. Find out if you should buy a petrolordieselcar with Canstar Blue.

Read our Which? guide tobuying a petrolordieselcar in the UK. We look at fuel economy, speed, which is better for short or long journeys and which omits less CO2

For newer diesel cars though, tax is typically higher than for petrol. Driving experience: diesel cars offer more low-speed torque which means they have better

If we compare petrol and diesel variants of a car, its evident that the diesel variants are minimum 1 lakh more expensive than its petrol counterpart. If we are going for any top end model, the diesel variant is on an average more expensive by Rs 3-4 lakh. Cost of Loan or The Actual Cost of your Car.

Petrolordiesel? It's one of the first questions car buyers should resolve before they even get to body type, make or model. Which is better for you will

Diesel or petrol, that’s the question. New cars are pretty expensive items with popular cars like the Toyota Corolla starting at R230,500. You want to get the best value whenever you buy a car and one of the choices you need to make is between a petrol and a diesel engine in your new vehicle.

Petrol vs Diesel - Should I buy a Diesel or Petrol car - We let you choose between a petrol and a diesel car depending on your usage, maintenance

Buying used dieselcars makes sense if you drive the car for around 50 kms in a day or around 1500kms in a month.

Choosing between a petrol and dieselcar is a big challenge. Read this brief guide to choose the best option for you before taking a car loan.

When buying a car should you choose petrolordiesel? There’s more to this decision than which is cheaper at the pump - we look at the factors to

Both diesel and petrolcars have their own share of power attached to them. Mass-market petrolcars have linear power delivery with great initial pick-up which means better response. The moment you press the accelerator pedal in lower gears, the car surges ahead but then it doesn’t really sustain the...

In the past, dieselcars were easy to spot: you could tell by the tractor-like sound of the engine! Modern diesel engines have made it a lot harder to tell the difference. But the two types of engine are still completely different. And you can cause serious damage by putting diesel in a petrolcar, or the...

Traditionally petrolcars are cheaper tobuy but dieselcars have lower running costs. However, the margins are much finer now than in the past, and the difference in cost can vary from model to model to the extent that these 'rules' may be switched around in some circumstances.

Petrolordiesel? We have made the age-old debate simple with all of facts laid out plus a handy

As a result, dieselcars tend to be pricier tobuy than an equivalent petrol model, whether new or second-hand. The cheapest diesel version of

Which is not to say all diesel is bad. In fact, if you’re buying a larger car, it’s really the only viable option as petrol engines and hybrids haven’t yet caught up to the point where they can offer reasonable fuel economy in, say, a large executive saloon or a big SUV. Smaller cars and modern petrol...

In order to calculate which is cheaper, we’ve taken the cost of two models within a vehicle’s range and compared their cost and fuel consumption for the life of

Diesel Vs Petrol Car - Working Of Price Difference & Fuel Cost & Time To Recover Extra Money - Hindi - Doston aaj kal sabhi ki life

Which is better carpetrolordiesel? Depends on where you live, the price difference between both, the purpose of your vehicle, and how much you

So, when deciding between petrolordiesel it’s most important to firstly establish what kind of driving you do. Consider the higher price you pay for a

Time to look at petrol versus diesel. Is a dieselcar - or SUV - right for you? Especially if you’ve never owned one before? This report is, basically

When buying most cars, you'll need to decide between a petrolordiesel engine, so what's the difference? In this guide we'll tell you the facts, explode any myths and help you decide which pump to refuel at. Refuelling and efficiency. Diesel fuel is more expensive (usually by around 5p to 10p per...

While dieselcars cost more tobuy than petrolcars, they’re also more efficient. In our tests, we managed 55mpg and 35.4mpg in the diesel and

Buying a dieselcar is the most expensive. Onan average, its cost would be approximately Rs. 2 Lakh higher in Ownership than a Petrol variant car.

The usual advice if you’re buying a car is to avoid diesel engines if you tend to do a lot of short trips.

A look at whichcar you should buy between diesel cars and petrol cars and which one will be a better performer: Diesel vs Petrol

PetrolorDiesel? Not that long ago that would have been a rhetorical question with the answer being, well, unless you were a farmer, petrol.

Both petrol and diesel-powered vehicles have pros and cons but which is better? We list 8 things you should consider before you buy your next car.

Tobuy a car is no easy task. In fact, there are so many models and variants available in the market today that it is almost impossible to fix your mind on one car. Additionally, the decision to go for a petrolor a diesel version might leave you completely overwhelmed .

Unable to decide which fuel type suits you the best? Read out our petrol vs diesel cars comparison and find out whichcar makes more sense for you.

Check out this wonderful Diesel Vs Petrolcar decision making calculator that will let you know which one will be more beneficial to you in longer run.

Diesel or petrol, that’s the question. New cars are pretty expensive items (with popular cars like the Toyota Corolla starting at R230 500). You want to get the best value when you buy a car and one of the choices you need to make is between a petrol and a diesel engine in your new vehicle.

For diesel car investment is higher but its better fuel efficiency helps reduce expenses on fuel. Therefore a question comes to everybody’s mind, whichcartobuypetrolordiesel . My ‘petrol vs diesel car’ cost calculator analysis will try to answer this question using an online calculator and a...

Whether to purchase diesel or petrolcar, is an old debatable question that doesn’t have a simple answer. So, if you want to reach a specific

Disadvantages of Dieselcar over Petrolcar are (1) Initial price of Dieselcar is more than a Petrolcar, (2) maintenance cost for Dieselcar is more than

Diesel is cheaper tobuy, but you have to pay road user charges per kilometer. This makes costs for freight vehicles slightly more predictable as it’s easier to work out a proportion of

Both have had their merits – including government tax incentives tobuydieselcars in 2001, which at the time were deemed positive, but which have since come in for criticism

Petrolordieselcars, which is best? Looking at the purchase price, fuel costs, MPG, vehicle tax to decide the advantages of both petrol and diesel engines.

Diesels cost more than petrolcars, a fact which has to be traded off when it comes to talking about the money you'll save on fuel bills. These improvements have also allowed diesels to sound less like rattly old tractors with asthma and more like cars, although you still wouldn't ever describe them as...

Are petrolcars better than dieselcars? Compare both the variants in terms of cost, mileage, maintenance & performance and see which one suits

Are diesel or petrol cars cheaper to insure? Will I get more mileage from a petrolordiesel