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The SamsungGalaxyS10 5G will be exclusive to Verizon initially. Any customers who place a pre-order between April 5th and April 16th will get a free pair of Galaxy Buds, a wireless charger and a 50% discount on one screen replacement within the first year. In terms of price, we only know the official...

Samsung in recent years apparently invested a lot on technologies of saving battery on Android phones.

The default Samsung keyboard use English (usually UK English unless you are living in North America). The language in Samsung keyboard is

While Samsung has hooked the GalaxyS5's apps into its own cloud presence — memos and calendar appointments can be synced to your Samsung

As the example we'll useSamsungGalaxyS5 and SamsungGalaxyS4. In SamsungGalaxyS5 with Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

The touch sensor on the GalaxyS5 is so, um, sensitive that it can even recognize it when you’re

With the SamsungGalaxyS5 users have access to a range of photo options with the built-in camera app. Samsung delivers a new interface that makes the

The SamsungGalaxyS5 — the company's old warhorse which released in 2014 — is quite the favorite with consumers intheUnitedStates.

In this article, we are going to share potential solutions to help you fix GalaxyS5 charging problem. SamsungGalaxyS5 is an amazing device packed with tons of awesome options.

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Today we are going to teach how to modify the notifications panel of your SamsungGalaxyS5 or Android

SamsungGalaxyS5 phone has been released in April 2014 and the stock Android version was set to KitKat 4.4.2 and there will be

A usedsamsunggalaxys5 with no fault all in good condition... and also if can swap with iphone (i will add

The S5 prompts us to swipe the whole fingerprint, which really requires two hands. And unlocking your phone using two hands is a little impractical for every day

Updates to the SamsungGalaxyS5 breathe new life into your phone by bringing new features, options, user interface upgrades, and security patches. If you are upgrading to Android 5.1.1, you can expect access to Android for Work, new security updates, and a fix for the Ultra Power Save Mode...

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Your SamsungGalaxyS5 Camera application can also function as a digital camcorder. So, whenever you have your phone you are able to capture

The camera on the SamsungGalaxyS5 is one of the more powerful on the market, featuring an Isocell unit that offers up 16MP snaps.

Samsung will release the GalaxyS10 5G in Korea on April 5, where it will cost the local equivalent of about $1,230. Three colors will be sold, a black

The SamsungGalaxyS5 was a pretty revolutionary phone for its time, so the fact that it’s still being

The GalaxyS5 display tips and method will not only make you more accessible and has the smarter

With the burst mode, you can use the camera of the SamsungGalaxyS5 to take many pictures in rapid succession by staying with your finger on the trigger. This function is very useful when you want to photograph a moment necessarily. For example, a skateboarder inthe jump.

SamsungGalaxyS5 - SAR Levels. USA SAR Level. FCC Approval Date. 23 February 2014. US SAR Ratings.

I’m bored with the SamsungGalaxy Note 2 which is the main phone that I use when I’m not inthe process of testing other phones. We’re right at the beginning of the new phone rollout season and so far Verizon Wireless has sent me the new HTC One M8 and now the SamsungGalaxyS5 Android...

The GalaxyS5’s popularity is surprising because this was one of the poorer performing flagship devices from Samsung in terms of total shipments.

The SamsungGalaxyS4 includes two different options for controlling who can contact you and when.

The following offers detailed steps for unlocking your GalaxyS5 and how to factory reset your S5inthe worst case scenario.

Every time the SamsungGalaxyS counter flips a digit, the world is getting ready to be amazed. The lineup that stood up to the iPhone and has been...

The GalaxyS6 changes all that, using some of the most conspicuously expensive materials seen in what is still ultimately an entirely mainstream

In order to use finger scanner, you’ve to have to first enable it. Go to Settings > Fingerprint Scanner > Fingerprint manager. You’ll also find the demo

The latest flagship from Samsung, the GalaxyS5 comes with some brilliant features which although one might not use on a daily basis, are quite useful at some situations and Samsung has made the interface of the S5 a lot better when compared to the one inthe recent past flagships...

Samsung is a major player intheUS smartphone market as its flagship smartphones are almost always some of the most highly anticipated devices of

After the unveiling, we were able to get a quick hands on with the device and inthe short time, we compared it

The GalaxyS5 will likely take that title soon enough. Say what you will about Samsung's choice of materials or its design aesthetic, its phones are

Samsung unveiled their GalaxyS5in Barcelona during this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Weused the same Three chip in each, for months at a time, all over the world. The Samsung beats the LG hands-down. In fact we were amazed how

We live in a wonderful digital age where access to world class technology is available on demand 24/7. And that’s brilliant, as it allows us to constantly keep in

In order for your PC to recognise the SamsungGalaxyS5 as part of the rooting process you first must download and install the USB drivers on to your PC.

The GalaxyS8 is available from every major carrier intheUS and several prepaid carriers.

In our GalaxyS5 tips article we highlighted the Download Booster feature which allows you to download files really fast by using Wi-Fi

If you've ever used the GalaxyS4, then you know that the phone's settings menus were a mess. Well, Samsung really cleaned things up inthe GS5.

1. Unlock your SamsungGalaxyS5 smartphone; 2. You have to choose the “Kids Mode” widget. In order to find it, you have to touch and hold any blank area on the Home