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Similar to the original SuperMarioBros. for the NES, Secret Challenge mode will not let you backtrack in certain levels. To indicate whether a level has a Secret Challenge version, the new right arrow icon will be lit in the

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World 7 of my 100% walkthroughforNewSuperMarioBros. on the Nintendo 3DS. I'll show the location of all of the star coins as well as the secret exit locations. The times for each stage/star coin can be found below.

This is part 3 of my walkthrough of the DS game, NewSuperMarioBrosDS. I’m playing this on my nintendo 3DS and I’ve found this game quite

Mario Soundboard: SuperMario 64 Mario Soundboard with audio from SuperMario 64 of the Nintendo 64. This is the first Mario console game in which the character was voiced by the legendary Charles

SuperMario Maker SuperMarioBros. New kid friendly gaming review Kid Friendly Toys.

Here we have some walkthroughfor the NewSuperMarioBros. 2, hope it will be useful for you.

NewSuperMarioBros. lets Mario collect coins, break the open blocks and stomp on his enemies. It features the popular moves including the