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FanHeater Caravan Electric Low Wattage Swiss Luxx Compact Swivelling Ceramic.

Kampa Cuboid Low Wattage PTC FanHeater. Explorer FanHeater 230 V / 500 Watt Automatic Tilt Stop FanHeating Caravan Camping Awning Caravan Boat 15.5 x 15 x 7.3 cm.

VLE FanHeater – integrated units of heating coil and fan – are primarily designed for heating of large rooms by means of hot air.

Fanheaters (or ceramic heaters) can be noisy, but distribute heated air around your room rather than letting it form a layer of hot air below the ceiling.

Speaking of finding the right heater, be sure to check out our guides on finding the right model for your room and the right voltage heater.

Watt Density = wattageof the element/ 3.14 x element diameter (inches) x heated length (inches).

Heat exits top offanheater. (add 2" clearance for heat sensitive parts).

1 x FanHeater. Streamlined design, small and lovely, easy to carry. Adjustable third gear function.

just compare the wattageof a similarly sized fan to the wattageof the heater. Googling around a box fan seems to draw 50-100Watts, while a heater is 750-1500 watts. But heaterfans are usually way less powerful than a box fan. So you are correct, the fan uses a small percentage of the power.

Space heaters provide supplementary, personal heating. Understand what features to look for in your next

Space heaters are portable electric devices used for heating up a single room or an area of the house.

Use our PTC heaters, convection heaters, panel heaters/enclosure heaters to avoid temperature drops in your equipment preventing the formation of condensation. Fanheaters, heating element in combination with fan, additionally make sure that the warm interior air is evenly distributed.

Bath fanheaters incorporating infra red heat lamps are the most efficient because the radiant heat source does not require a warm up period.

Estimate the heater’s wattage by measuring the length of the heater in feet, if the electrical label on the heater is inaccessible, unreadable or missing. Electric baseboard heaters on average need 225 watts per foot.

Easily find the wattage needed to heat an enclosure (such as those for ATMs, sensors, gauges, etc.), by entering its dimensions and the temperature needed.