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The biggest problemis mislabeling a sickness management industry as “healthcare.” There is nothing healthy about giving medications to people that are likely to harm them in some ways and not sure to help them with the issue. And the sick-care system very rarely pays for and promotes things that are...

This is one of healthcare’s most common problems. The statistics are staggering. Here’s an example: one in four Medicare beneficiaries that

Poster, there is no primary healthcare in Nigeria, that is a figment of our imaginations, okay? What we have are a farce named government hospitals.

Health insurance coverage helps patients gain entry into the healthcare system. Lack of adequate coverage makes it difficult for people to get the healthcare they need and, when they do get care, burdens them with large medical bills. Uninsured people are: More likely to have poor health status.

The introduction of managed care into the public mental health system represents another potential disaster.

The percentage ofthe population withhealth insurance has increased since the Affordable Care Act was passed, the report states. "Still, a substantial proportion of people would benefit from coverage but remain uninsured in the U.S., and increasing coverage for these individuals remains a policy priority."

The healthcare challenge: services for those with need. The World Health Organization (WHO) is

Healthproblemsare becoming more common than ever in the world today. This probably has to do with both progress in medical science, because of which it

Learn more about the health impacts of climate change. In the Wake ofthe Flint Water Crisis. Find out what APHA is doing to fight the problem of lead exposure and help protect the public's health.

With the collapse ofthe Senate healthcare bills this week, the president has certainly been reminded of it. But Mr. Trump’s epiphany raises some questions: Why

The biggest problemwithhealthcare in the U.S. was around long before Obamacare, several experts who spoke to NPR said. "The fundamental problemwith the healthcare system ishealthcareis too expensive," said Sara Rosenbaum, a professor of health law and policy at George Washington...

Of course, much ofthe cost of a pack of cigarettes is due to high taxes, along with the Tobacco Masters Settlement Agreement.

The program originated with the Children’s Health Insurance Authorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA) and has

Healthcare—in the United States, certainly, but also in most other developed countries—is ailing

What types of healthcare services are frequently difficult to access in rural areas? How do rural healthcare facility and service closures impact

Often overlooked, oral healthis one ofthe most important issues for the elderly.

The U.S. healthcare system compared with other Western nations probably struggles most with

Most importantly, regardless ofthe Court’s decision, the problemswith our health-care system are not going away.

Canada’s health-care system is a point of Canadian pride. We hold it up as a defining national characteristic and an example of what makes us

For now, at least, the health-care fight in the US is over. The Senate bill replacing president Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act has collapsed after two more Republican senators withdrew their support, leaving the ruling party without a majority. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is proposing to...

Health insurance is not cheap, and it can be tempting to go without coverage, especially if you never get sick. With the expensive monthly cost and out-of-pocket expenses, you may be wondering how much you really need coverage. Many people in their twenties feel they arehealthy enough to skip...

Someofthe uninsured are offered coverage at work, but refuse to take advantage of it, either

Public health has a long history of implementing policies that improved the health of people worldwide.

The sproadic functionality ofthe federal government’s website means this eligibility check is a problem. But Cover Oregon’s software is also troublesome.

Despite the development of modern society, the healthcare and education still remain the basic rights of citizens.

Our healthcare system is stuck in the 1950s, when the prevailing epidemics were polio and influenza. Today’s public health challenges are chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and opioid addiction. Half of all adults — 117 million Americans — have a chronic condition; the projected cost is $794 billion in...

The concentration in healthpolicy prepares students to take part in the analysis of healthcare

Universal healthcare can be a broad term that describes a country that provides all of its citizens withhealthcare. The way each country implements coverage to everyone can vary significantly and can be described by who is covered, what servicesare covered and how much ofthe costs are covered.

The concern with growing inequalities in health status, problems of access and falling returns for investments in healthcare and the difficulty of controlling

HealthCare Statistics. Healthcare is one ofthe top social and economic problems facing Americans today.

The report analyses whatis known about adolescents’ health, including what promotes or undermines it, highlights gaps in policies and services, and draws together guidance and

An epidemic of unnecessary treatment is wasting billions of healthcare dollars a year. Patients and taxpayers are paying for it.

One ofthe main problemswith the care given by many providers is that, even if these issues are considered they aren’t discussed with the patient. This is a way in which my current situation greatly favors patient-centered care in that I have time to explain why we might want to use a medication...