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But when the cancercomesback, where it is and how it behaves all affect the outcome. From the WebMD Archives It can happen a year after you finish

Sometimes, cancer can comeback after you've had treatment. This is what doctors call a recurrence.

If cancer is found after treatment, and after a period of time when the cancer couldn’t be detected, it’s called a cancer recurrence. The recurrent cancer might comeback in the same place it first started, or it might comeback somewhere else in the body. Whencancer spreads to a new part of the body...

Whencancercomesback, it is called recurrence. Cancer can recur in the same spot or in a whole different area of your body.

WhenCancerComesBack. On October 29 at 1:42pm I received the second worst phone call of my life. “I’m sorry. Your tests show breast cancer

Explanations about what cancer is, how cancer cells differ from normal cells, and genetic changes

This is what doctors call a recurrence. It's different from a new cancer . And it can show up anywhere in your body. Look more here How to cope when your cancercomesback.

Whencancercomesback after treatment, doctors callit a recurrence or recurrent cancer. Finding out that cancer has comeback can cause feelings

When talking about a cancercomingbackit helps to define exactly what a recurrence is, as well as a few other terms.

When radiation treatment is given using implants near the cancer cells, it is called internal radiation therapy or brachytherapy.

Whencancer recurs Whencancercomesbackit can be devastating for you and the people

“Initially it was hard because I knew going into it some of what I was up against again – social isolation, physical restrictions, needle pokes, higher risk

Whencancercomesback... 2 months ago...the day before Christmas Eve we sat in the doctor's office waiting to hear

Whencancercomesback, it is called recurrence. Cancer can recur in the same spot or in a whole different area of your body.

Recurrent cancer Treating recurrence Recurrent cancer is the same cancercomingback again.

Recurrent prostate cancer is cancer that has comeback after having treatment such as surgery (radical prostatectomy)

When I got back to walking, I was so wobbly I was like a Gumby doll.

Why and Where Cancer Returns. Whencancercomesback, doctors callit a recurrence (or recurrent cancer).

This is another reason it is important to find out just whatis wrong with my neck and back.cancer or frustrating.

WhenCancerComesCalling. Aug 30, 2015 Lighthearted Press ( C. Davis ) 4 Comments.

It has been four years since Jane Francis was diagnosed with breast cancer, and just when she thought the worst was over after being declared disease