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WordStar was not thefirstwordprocessor ever used, but thefirst one to become suitable for commercial use.

WordStar wasthefirst commercially successful wordprocessing software program and was launched in1979. There were other wordprocessors before it, so it

The software was published by MicroPro International and became the most successful wordprocessor throughout the 1980s.

Also in1979thefirstwordprocessing software program, Wordstar came on the market for “the green screen” TRS-80 computer sold at Radio Shack

WordStar—TheFirstWordProcessor. Before Microsoft, This WastheWordProcessingProgram to Use.

While there are still some standalone wordprocessors in use today, wordprocessing began to move to personal computers in the 1980s. In the early days of the PC, a wordprocessor called WordPerfect became one of the most widely used applications of any kind. Over time, however, What...

When wastheword "computer" was first used? First mechanical computer or automatic

Processing has beenused for hundreds of high-end projects in a wide range of fields, from multimedia installations to information visualization. It is not a toy or an educational exercise, despite its roots as a teaching tool. The core application framework simplifies most common multimedia needs...

Both used the Intel 8080 CPU. That was also the year Zilog created the Z-80 processor and MOS

Why Programming? You may already have used software, perhaps for wordprocessing or spreadsheets, to solve problems.

History of wordprocessing. Thefirst machines able to record typed information for reuse werethe automatic typewriters of the 1930s, which used rolls of paper tape to record keystrokes. The next major advance came in the 1960s when IBM introduced a typewriter capable of storing...

Thirty years after Word was invented, we are no nearer to understanding the impact it has had on writing, writes John Naughton.

The wordprocessorwas a stand-alone office machine in the 1960s, combining the keyboard text-entry and printing functions of an electric typewriter, with a recording unit, either tape or floppy disk (as used by the Wang machine) with a simple dedicated computer processor for the editing of text.

When we used typewriters, those werethe options. A second advantage isthe feature that allows you to copy and paste or cut and paste.

Origin of wordprocessing. First recorded in 1970–75. Unabridged Based on the

In thefirst days of electronic spreadsheets — that is, two or three years ago — those who used

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WordStar was first released in1979, before there was any standardization in computer keyboards.

A wordprocessing software is used to create documents and reports like for example a resume or a

Program that compares words in the text against an on-line dictionary, flagging items not found in the

12. WORDSTAR -THEFIRSTWORDPROCESSOR  Released in1979 by Micropro International, WordStar wasthefirst commercially successful wordprocessing software program produced for microcomputers and the best selling software program of the early eighties.  WordStar is a word...

In that respect the earliest computer wasthe abacus, used to perform basic arithmetic operations.

It wasused for weather prediction, atomic-energy calculations, thermal ignition, and other scientific uses. Who invented thefirst programmable computer and where? In 1938, German civil engineer, Konrad Zuse built world's first freely programmable binary driven mechanical computer what he...

Wordprocessor – definition and meaning. A wordprocessor, also known as a WP, is a software program people use for writing letters, documents, books

wordprocessing definition: Wordprocessing is defined as the creation of a document with a computerized

My firstwordprocessorwas a Lexitron that was in the ship's office on the USS Samuel Eliot Morison (FFG-13) in 1981.

The items listed above are invariably composed in a wordprocessingprogram or desktop publishing package. I also learned BASIC to write my own wordprocessing

Wordprocessorsare commonly used by students, writers, authors, desktop publishing professionals and layout artists. Before you purchase a wordprocessor, try

Definition of wordprocessing: The use of specialized document manipulation software running on a computer or terminal that allows a user to

Wordprocessingprograms have run from the ridiculous to the sublime, and some of the most awkward programs sold well. It may be difficult to tell a good one from a bad one in the beginning, because it takes time to explore a program's nuances. Also, whatis acceptable to the slow typist can...

1979: Wordprocessing becomes a reality as MicroPro International releases WordStar. "The defining change was to add margins and word wrap," said creator Rob Barnaby in email to Mike

is for Quirks: what no wordprocessingprogramis without. Each program has a unique and

Two commonly used applications are Microsoft Word, a wordprocessingprogram, and Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation program.

explore some of the basic functions of wordprocessingprograms. practice using those functions. complete a work sheet about what they learn.

Thefirstwas Guido da Vigevano in 1335. It was a windmill type drive to gears and thus to wheels.

Microsoft Office Wordisthe mostly used software program. Why people choose Word and what's Word used for?

Not a typewriter: The wordprocessoris somewhat different from a typewriter even though they have a lot in common.