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Fine pen nibs can only be produced by professionally skilled craftsman who painstakingly produce them one by one…

Profit Standard 21 are the smaller pens (135mm long) with 21knibs. If we go by Sailor's terminology for overseas.

So online I found Sailor Profit Standard (I presume the same as 1911S) with a 21knib, with a price that is (obviously) more expensive than 1911S 14k but cheaper

So where does the line variation of the Naginata Togi nibfit in with the average user? There are a few thoughts which come to mind here.

ASailor21K gold pen. The pen is marbled brown with gold clip. It comes in a blue monogrammed pen box. The pen has a 21K gold nib. from

What did the sailor see in the sea, sea, sea? How about a seahorse, a jellyfish, a turtle, an octopus, a baby shark, and a blue whale?!

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Sailor nibs are one of the best nibs OOTB (out of the box). They are generally quite smooth and on the wet side. They run finer than western nibs so a

Asailor went to sea sea sea to see what she could see see see.

The Sailor anchor logo, in rhodium-plated brass, is slightly raised on the top of the cap end. Sailor has a company history stretching back to 1911, and a reputation for quality and value that few other pen manufacturers can match. All Professional Gear pens are equipped with aSailor21knib, among the...

The B6S21KE housing allows use of Sailor21k fountain pen nibs in pens that use a non-converter Bock 250 housing such as Conid that use Bock #6 nib assemblies.

In honor of Sailor’s foundation year, the 1911 Series was introduced 25 years ago.

Only older Sailors had soft nibs. Incognito None년 전. Chris, on the vintage sailor 1911 do you have a converter fitted? If so, where did you purchase the

1: Mixed reviews of Sailornibs. Spend enough time on pen forums and you’ll read about how Sailornibs are

SAILORnibs are world best. I assure you, you will find ultimate pleasure in writing with Sailornibs. Be with well deigned Sailornib, enjoy the writing enrich

Nib - all that matters (6/6). The Naginata Togi nib section is also friction-fit like others and it comes in a 21k monotone - silver & gold (and

Sailor. In 1911, Mr. Kyugoro Sakata, a respected engineer from Hiroshima, Japan, was introduced for the very first time to a fountain pen.

Claire: The 21k hard fine Sailornib is my favorite. I love how hard the nib is; though it isn’t too hard. It’s hard to quantify what makes this a Goldilocks nib in

Sailornibs are noted for being smooth on paper. That applies to the more expensive gold nibs. The cheap beginners pens like MY FIRST and the Sailor Fude De

Sailor21k – Opened. 21knib (size not marked). Feed. Body Bottom and Cap Top. A ding! This is the only problem with this pen.

Write Here are stockists of Japanese Sailor Pens in the UK. Our range includes Limited Editions, King of Pens, Professional Gear, Pro Gear II

4/25/15 Sailor Doyou ink, Sailor 1911 with Naginata Fude de Mannen nib, Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook (sketched from vintage photo in a magazine).

Sailor knows how to make smooth-as-silk nibs. The Sailor Professional Gear II has the same nib as on the 1911 and it's one of my all time favorites.

The nib can be coaxed to provide a bit of line variation, but as a “hard” or rigid nib, it’s not really designed for any sort of flex or even bounciness, despite being 21k gold. Despite my personal preference for a wider nib, the writing experience of the nib isn’t bad. The tines on my pen were out of...

In comparison with Profit 21, the pen nib is 1.5 times bigger and with its thick and long body in the good balance with the large pen nib, it gives you the joy of writing. Moreover, the body is decorated with the several hundreds years old Japanese artistic traditional work, which the Japanese are proudly...

I love Sailor fountain pens so I was immediately drawn to the Sailor 1911 Black Luster fountain pen when it came out.

With the Sailornibs, I can write Hebrew letters with the broad side and turn the nib over and write cursive English. These nibs are also great for drawing.

the feed and nib can be removed and inserted in another angle. four new colors were added in March 2014, they have a white barrel and transparent section, the nib smiley has changed

I've never seen Sailor Moon. I want to fix that. But with multiple translations and spin-offs I'm confused about where to begin. Help? As a rule I prefer...

Like all of Sailor’s other nibs, this one is made from 21k gold and has a lovely two-tone design.

I replace nibs most often when the nib breaks down; that means either the tip develops a little “tail” that flips around as I color (agh! Frustrating!)…and sometimes the sides of a nib break down and develop what looks like pilling. If it still colors fine and you aren’t bothered by it, though, don’t change it.

They have all of the episodes of the original 90s anime on Hulu, and they are redubbing them in English, which is also on Hulu, but only the 1st 2 seasons are in English, Hulu also has all 3 current seasons of the new anime Sailor moon Crystal, an...

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The 1911M nib isn’t 21kt, it’s 14kt gold but I figured I’d give the broad nib a try. At the time I was still

The 1911 Large comes with a 21k gold nib, but the 14knibs on other models are just as good.

This gorgeous Sailor King of Pen was lent to me by a very kind viewer to review – thank you! This is the black ebonite model with gold trim, complete

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Stub nibs are designed to be used so that the full edge of the nib is on the paper. If you tilt the nib the slit (where the ink comes out) will not touch the page

Choose which nibs you want to swap, lift them off the feed, and fit them back onto their "new" feed. Here, I am choosing to swap the Pluminix's medium

One of Japan's oldest pen manufacturer's, Sailor has long been known for producing high-quality fountain pens at all price levels.