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Who would win in a war US or Russia? TheUnitedStates, then and now. TheUS should win but since the

TheUSA, without the shadow of a doubt, has the greatest navy and the most advanced technology the world has ever seen, but its 70-year period of economic

What would it take for theUS to goto nuclear warwithRussia? As things stand now, either some very stupid accident and subsequent mishandling of the situation so that its momentum triggers an unstoppable rise of escalation, or some major military gap that makes USA’s potential losses...

Ever since theUnitedStates and some other countries have gotten rid of facilities believed to have been producing chemical weapons, it makes us wonder if America and Russia will ever fight each other. If so, what do you think would be the outcome? Let's explore. Subscribe To Life's Biggest...

RUSSIA has started its hit back at Britain today as the former Soviet state revealed plans to expel UK diplomats in retaliation after Theresa May accused Vladimir Putin of being behind the recent spy poisoning. Are wegoingtowarwithRussia? And will Putin trigger war?

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Would it be worth theUnitedStates getting into a warwithRussia over Crimea? The perpetual saber-rattlers — who argue that President Obama

The UK will 100% defend Poland if Russia attempts to invade it. The uk failed miserably in aiding

Even if theU.S. thinks warwithRussia or China is unlikely, conflict with either state could have far-reaching consequences.

The decision of theUnitedStates to wage war against Iraq in 2003 was one of the worst mistakes our country has ever made.

The real traitors to British interests are genuinely dangerously close to pushing us into WW3 with their ironically Stalinist approach to the topic of Russia, and anyone who is willing to acknowledge the existence of the world’s largest nation, or sin of sins: question the desire to declare all-out war on it.

With US foreign policy turning from the transatlantic priorities of the 20th century, Woodward takes the

Has Putin snookered himself with US? Jump to media player Sanctions on Russia are still in place, so will US and Russiaever become allies?

Threats of a "real war" withRussia - from the Kremlin itself - have been made as the G-7 conference ends today with a

TheUnitedStates, of course, is deeply involved in these initiatives. Not only will it supply many of the troops for the four multinational battalions, but it is also taking many

“Russia and theUS were able to iron out the dispute,” says Shanna Kirschner, a Syria expert at Allegheny

Warwith China and warwithRussia would have some overlapping qualities, but the Pentagon needs to figure out how and where to invest to deal with both.

Yes Russia. The firing of US National Security Advisor McMaster today, and most significantly his replacement with John Bolton point to a direct

Russia vs USA: Amber Rudd was one of the Chiffonier ministers called to a Downing Street meeting. He said: “We’re having a billion of meetings today