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Since 1971 the Aboriginalflag has grown to become one of the most powerful and iconic symbols for

The AboriginalFlag has proudly featured on the the Koori Mail masthead since our first edition

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This flag made its debut in Australia in 1971 and was officially declared a national flag in 1995. The black band represents the Aboriginal people themselves; the red band is symbolic of the landscape...

The Australian AboriginalFlag is a flag that represents Aboriginal Australians. It is one of the official flags of Australia, and holds special legal and political status, but it is not the "Australian National Flag".

The Aboriginalflag is divided horizontally into halves. The top half is black and the lower half red.

The AboriginalFlag was designed by Harold Thomas, an artist and an Aboriginal, in 1971.

The Australian Aboriginalflag represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. It was designed by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, during the land rights movement in the early 1970s.

...the AboriginalFlag the ‘Flag of Australia’ status in 1995, under the Flags Act 1953, which also

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The Aboriginalflag flying high over Tarntanyangga/Victoria Square, Adelaide commemorates that it was at this site that the flag was first flown, on National Aborigines Day, Friday 12 July, 1971.

The Aboriginalflag is believed to be the only national flag bound by intellectual property rights. There is no emoji for the Aboriginalflag. The flag designed by Luritja artist and land rights activist...

She also included the Aboriginalflag in that design, because she’s always been about that life.

The flag was designed by Harold Thomas, a Luritja man of Central Australia, and was first flown on

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Outlines the history and meaning of the AboriginalFlag.

AboriginalFlag - Definition A flag is defined as a symbol or emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design. Flags are also often used as a signalling device and method of...

The Aboriginalflag and Torres Strait Islander flag are among Australia's official flags. But states and territories still hesitate to fly them next to the Australian national flag.

The AboriginalFlag and the Torres Strait Islander Flag were designed in the 1970s and 1990s respectively and are proudly displayed around Australia today.

The Australian AboriginalFlag was designed by artist Harold Thomas and first flown at Victoria Square in Adelaide, South Australia, on National Aborigines Day in July 1971.

The Australian AboriginalFlag was designed in 1971 by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas. The flag was originally designed for the land rights movement, and it became a symbol of the Aboriginal...

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The Australian Aboriginalflag was originally designed as a protest flag for the land rights movement of Indigenous Australians but has since become a symbol of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Calls to remove Aboriginalflag painted on major intersection. AN ABORIGINALflag painted on an intersection without permission has caused controversy.

We have a flag to represent Australia and the Aboriginalflag is to represent the First Peoples of Australia, which is an acknowledgement to them."

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Designer of the AboriginalFlag. Born in Alice Springs. Won a scholarship to the South Australian School of Art in 1965. First Aboriginal graduate from an Australian Art School.

The Australian AboriginalFlag represents Aboriginal Australians. It is one of the official flags of Australia, and holds special legal and political status.

This AboriginalFlag is 100% made in Australia on knitted polyester, a light weight fabric designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This flag comes with a header and two loops for attaching to a flagpole...

This one is the Australian Aboriginalflag. Help the kids remember each one for its unique design with this and other great colouring pages for kids.

of the Flags Act 1953, to be the flag of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia and to be known as the Australian AboriginalFlag with effect from 1 January 2008.

The Aboriginalflag copyright deal shows the legal system in Australia is completely out of touch

Australian flags include the Aboriginalflag, Torres Strait Island flag and many ensigns used in defence and civilian organisations. Information about the Australian National Flag is also available on...

Australian AboriginalFlag is black, red and yellow. The interpretation of the meaning of the colours is not always the same. But most often the interpretation is that the red is the soil.

The Australian AboriginalFlag is the default flag in the web game NationStates. Carbines also been vocal on issues of broader social significance, such as the treatment of refugees...

The Aboriginalflag is divided horizontally into two equal halves of black (top) and red (bottom), with

AboriginalFlag - Ratio 1:2 image by Miles Li, 5 September 2018.